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POP App Transforms Your App Ideas Into Working Prototypes

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Developed by Woomoo team, POP app transforms sketches into click-through prototypes in minutes. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a designer or a student you will definitely enjoy playing with POP. List of investors in Woomoo includes Steve Chen (YouTube founder), Dave McClure, 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures etc. Below is our recent interview with Woomoo team:

Q: How would you describe POP?

A: POP is a quick prototyping tool that helps you turn your sketches into running prototypes. We had been looking for a good prototyping/mockup/wireframe tool during the process of developing apps before POP. We ended up going back to the most basic method, that is pen and paper, to draw prototypes but the downside of using pen and paper is that we were unable to see how the app actually feels like in mobile. And one day, we thought, “what if I can just take pictures of the mockups and link them together so that I can actually see how it plays in my phone?” Surprisingly, because this idea was too simple, no one had even done it before! This is when we decide to start developing POP. We use POP very often for developing new features, better flows; it really did change our way of developing an app.


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Q: What’s the coolest use of POP you’ve seen?

A: The coolest use of POP will definitely be the Startup Weekend EDU Mountain View – event we sponsored on 4/22/2014. A group of age 11-13 year olds young adults work on ideas and use POP to pitch to the audiences within 54 hours. It’s amazing to see how POP can actually be adopted in education, especially in such a young age. We supporteducation and startups and would love to take any opportunity to sponsor events like this.


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Q: What’s your favorite feature?

A: Our developers love ‘fast importing’, it allows them to import multiple mockups at once, and that really fasten the process of buildingprototypes. However, our designer adores ‘Adobe Creative Cloud’ support so he can import PSD files to POP directly from his Adobe Cloud account. No need to save in different format anymore. In general, our users appreciatethe ‘duplicating’ system. It cuts off the repeating steps so users can use the time on something else more important. We just launched a new feature ‘Comment on Spot’ (app is still in reviewed by Apple), and this will definitely be our new favorite! I can now leave a comment on the most appropriate spot so our team members understand me clearly, and we have already been using it for every project now.

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Q: Do you have any new features in the pipeline?

A: Yes! Of course! We plan to launch a new feature or implement improvement every two weeks.
Upcoming features including:
– Team collaboration – work on projects with your team member in real time!
– Timer – control the time for your users to jump into the next screen.
– Fix header – simulate more real with scrollable mockups

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