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Preply Enterprise Unveils Expansions To Its Corporate Language Training Program

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Since 2012, Preply has provided users from around the world with an effective and reliable platform where they can learn or teach their subject of choice. 8 years and thousands of satisfied customers later, Preply is excited to announce the addition of three new programs to the Preply Enterprise initiative.

This trio of programs will provide companies with corporate language training in business English, German, and Spanish — some of the most highly sought after business languages in the world. The popularity of corporate English training has seen a stark uptick in recent years and many envision that German and Spanish will be just as vital in the near future.

Preply Enterprise, in keeping with the needs and demands of its clientele, was created exclusively to help businesses navigate the world of online learning. For years, businesses have relied on uncomfortable and dull learning environments to help train their workforce for the future. Preply Enterprise sought to change how a business could train their employees and made it a far more practical and streamlined experience.

Many businesses have become privy to the corrosive repercussions of poor, ineffective workplace communication. In business, the stakes are always high and there is seldom any room for miscommunication or error.

Some experts have estimated that billions of dollars in revenue are lost each year to the time-wasting effects of bad communication. That’s a staggering thought that should not be taken lightly. Preply Enterprise was designed with the sole purpose of helping companies to mitigate these issues as much as possible.

Preply’s online tutoring platform provides employees with a simple and easy-to-use learning environment. Here, they will learn proper business language skills with the help of a hand-picked tutor who will walk them through each lesson one-on-one. Students will no longer fall behind their classmates, as their needs will be catered to specifically by their respective tutors.

Effective communication lends itself to many aspects of a given enterprise. External and internal communication is the bedrock of a successful and efficient company, and it’s the only way to ensure that everyone is on the same page — meaning both clients and employees. The efficacy of this synergy, and the productive relationship it creates, cannot be understated.

By mastering business language skills, employees will learn to:

● Professionally convey thoughts and ideas via email, presentation, or in-person
● Confidently express themselves in meetings
● Build rapport with colleagues and important clients
● Comprehend and retain crucial information

Preply Enterprise hopes to promote the adoption of these skills — and many more — to every company that enlists their services. Preply is committed to expand upon its 8 years of established online tutoring expertise and lend itself to promoting the success of businesses from around the globe.

By establishing itself as a trusted learning platform among individual professionals looking for language training, Preply is now keen on expanding this same great service on a larger scale.

The addition of these 3 business language programs is a vision for the future — one in which all businesses will have the capacity to expertly navigate the challenges posed by increased telecommunication and globalization.

Preply hopes to provide companies from around the world with the tools they need to promote a successful and productive work environment. These attributes are built upon a foundation of effective communication, and Preply is excited to help companies strengthen that foundation for years to come.

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