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Project Insight – Project Management Software Made For The Mid-Market

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Project Insight is project and portfolio management software offered in both cloud and on premise editions, focused on helping organizations centralize projects, collaborate, balance resources, view real-time reports and track budgets. Below is our interview with Cynthia West, VP at Project Insight:


Q: How would you describe Project Insight in your own words?

A: Project Insight is a cloud-based project and portfolio management software solution that is powerful for project managers, yet easy for team members to learn and adopt to help everyone ‘work better together’.

Project teams that come to us are tired of struggling to manage their hefty list of projects with limited resources, outdated spreadsheets and wasted time in meetings. Project Insight allows project teams to gain visibility into project timelines, resources, issues, budgets and more. Executives benefit from accessing real-time dashboards and reports of the projects in their portfolios.

Project teams benefit by centralizing all of their projects and:

-Accessing projects and tasks in real-time
-Knowing what tasks and projects team members are working on and if they can handle more
-Tracking all problems or issues that arise along the way
-Sharing files and assets that belong to the project or task
-Routing items for approval
-Entering time and expenses at the task, project or organization level
-Providing real-time budgets on projects so the manager knows where the project budget stands at all times
-Allowing executives to log in to view real-time reports and dashboards

Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: Project Insight was one of the first truly multi-tenant project solutions in the market, originally launched in 2001 at Project World. Today, we are the leading mid-market solution for IT, software, professional services, advertising, marketing and product development teams.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of Project Insight compared to other available PM solutions?

A: Project Insight is unique in the mid-market as our software is powerful, or feature-rich for project managers and resource managers, but very light and easy to use for team members and executives.

Team members can update their work in just a couple of clicks from their home page or mobile phone. Advantages for team members are:

-Easy task updates from the dashboard or mobile
-Upload emails from Outlook
-Turn emails into issues or tasks
-Enter expenses from mobile with receipts

Executives can review their dashboards and reports in real-time immediately upon logging in, keeping the training down to a minimum. Features they enjoy are:

-Flexible and customizable dashboards
-Profitability and recovery reports
-Contracts, rate cards, invoices

At the same time, project and resource managers have robust functionality that other mid-market solutions don’t have. Some examples are:

-Microsoft Project import and export
-Powerful intelligent scheduling
-Resource balancing and forecasting
-Global and project level work calendars
-Agile and waterfall methodology support
-Split tasks
-Auto-reschedule tasks
-Advanced real-time calculations like planned value (PV), earned value (EV), cost performance index (CPI) and schedule performance index (SPI)

Project Insight administrators also have flexible and customizable options including:

-Set up without programming
-Determine own folder structure
-Create custom fields or items without programming or complex configuration
-Integrates with any ODBC system
-Web APIs and SDK for extending application
-Robust permissions


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Q: What can we expect from Project Insight in the future?

A: We are on the cusp of releasing our REST APIs for easier integration of our solution with other systems.

Also, Project Insight is adding more agile features to satisfy the teams that need both agile and waterfall methodologies.

For our last major release, we incorporated over 200 customer features in the solution. We listen to what our customers want and need, while responding to those needs as rapidly as possible.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Project Insight that people might not know about?

A: We have been told by our customers and prospective customers that we are the most responsive vendor they’ve EVER worked with. We provide more than just software. We provide end to end solutions, including:

-Business process consulting to tailor the solution to each customer’s needs and processes
-Over 150 hours of free self-help product video training
-Onsite and web product training
-Professional services to customize the software to fit each customer’s unique needs
-Professional services to integrate Project Insight with other enterprise applications
-Continuing education in the project management marketplace that includes free PDUs or professional development units

We have a personal touch. We like our customers to feel like they are working with real human beings and not just software robots – that is something we highly pride ourselves in.

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