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ProMAX Delivers High-Powered Shared Storage Devices And Workflow Servers To Improve Efficiency Across The Content Creation Process

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ProMAX serves video editing teams in a variety of industries. They support editors who are part of production agencies, in-house video teams at some of the world’s largest corporations and government/ educational institutions around the world. Below is our recent interview with Matt Mister, from ProMAX:

Q: Why is shared storage important to your customers?

A: Video teams need to have high powered workflows to create their content. To make that possible, editors need ample workstations and storage that can process the massive amounts of data that is packed into a video project, while also being able to collaborate on their projects. Shared storage takes the files and put them into an environment where every editor can have access to their projects but has the technology to process video files.

Q: What are some challenges your customers experience before buying your product?

A: Many of our customers experience a few common issues.

1. Their business is growing and they simply need more storage to keep up with the increased volume of work.
2. They need to be able to collaborate on projects but their current workflow consists of passing around external drives and being slaves to the “sneakernet”.
3. There’s no easy way to find files that the team wants to hold onto. So they spend way too much time searching for files than actually working on them.
4. They struggle being able to properly backup projects and file, because those projects and files are not centralized, there is no good way to do this.

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe ProMAX Systems?

A: ProMAX Systems is a leading manufacturer of shared storage systems for video teams. Our job is to provide hardware that allows video teams to work faster, smarter and more efficiently so that they can grow their business.

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Q: What types of products do you provide to your clients?

A: Our products are network servers, we have three different models. The ProMAX MediaHub is a smaller desktop unit for smaller teams that can grow to 128TB. Our Platform 16 and 24 Bay systems are the real beasts that can power large video teams and can be expanded into the Petabytes.

Q: Do you help your clients with the installation process? How does it work?

A: ProMAX offers on-site and remote installation. Most of our systems are installed remotely using TeamViewer where a ProMAX engineer walks you through the process. For on-site installs, we send an engineer to your location and they will make sure everything is setup correctly and give you some basic training on how to use your Platform.

Q: You’ve recently announced the release of your Dropbox integration for your platform shared storage systems; could you tell us something more?

A: Remote video editing workflows have traditionally been difficult because of the size of video files. To access the files they need, these editors would need to be mailed physical drives with the content on them. With our Dropbox integration that’s no longer needed. Users just need a Platform Server and a Dropbox team account, once they connect the two, which can be done using a brief self help guide, they can upload files to their Dropbox enabled Platform space and an editor on the other side of the globe can pick it up and get to work. This works on both desktop and mobile.

Q: How ProMAX outperforms other shared storage solutions?

A: There are two big differentiators when it comes to our solutions.

1. We know video, the bulk of our team has had previous experience or still creates video on the side. So we build our systems to order so they can handle the specific needs of a video team.
2. Secondly we make sure you get the maximum amount of storage for your dollar. Many vendors charge absurd prices for the same spinning disk drives you can get off Amazon. We price our drives so that our customers can get high performance Solid State Drives that increase performance across the system.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are currently exploring other ways that we can solve the daily workflow disruptions of video professionals such as accelerating content creation for social media.

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