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Pure Chat – Live Website Chat For Every Successful Business

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Pure Chat is live chat tool for business websites and startups that want to be able to interact with the visitors on their website in real time. Available for iOS and Android, Pure Chat enables you to live chat with your website visitors from your phone or tablet. Here is our recent interview with Arielle Hurst from Pure Chat team:

Arielle-HurstQ: Could you tell us Pure Chat startup story and something more about the company?

A: In 2012 Axosoft started Pure Chat as a side project with the dream to make live chat something every website could offer. At that time most live chat products were far too complex and expensive, so the team’s goal from day one was to provide an affordable chat solution that could suit businesses of any size. To do that, they started with an easy-to-use interface and a fully-customizable chat widget, before taking Pure Chat mobile with amazing iOS and Android apps. Over time, features (and teammates!) continued to be added, so Pure Chat could evolve more each day.

These moves kicked the product’s growth into high-gear and by late 2014 it became clear that Pure Chat should become its own company. Since that shift, our passionate team has been devising more ways we can innovate in the live chat space and have just released the world’s first Personal Chat Pages to take our product to the next level.

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Q: Tell us something more about Pure Chat Mobile Apps?

A: Pure Chat really has two core components: One is the live web chat side that helps businesses offer better customer support on their site; and the other is an element we call “Personal Chat Pages”. Instead of putting live chat on your current website, a Personal Chat Page is its own customizable, one-page website where people who have your unique URL can instantly chat with you one-on-one.

While our live web chat solution has been simplified to be easy-to-use for small businesses, Personal Chat Pages are meant for salespeople who would like to include their URL in emails as a way to engage prospects without a lengthy email exchange or phone call.

Regardless which side of our product people are using though, Pure Chat is still only $5/per user per month for high-use accounts (it’s free otherwise!) and comes with our super highly rated iOS and Android apps, so users can answer chats on-the-go.

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Q: What are Pure Chat key features? What is your differentiator?

A: Our apps have all of the features an operator would get in our desktop dashboard, so they can see chat history and transcripts, manage canned responses, talk to other operators who are online, and set their weekly schedule, so they’re available from 9am-9pm, Monday through Friday for example.

Like I said earlier though, the real benefit of our mobile apps is the ability to answer chats from anywhere. If someone starts a chat with you on your website or your personal chat page, you’ll receive a push notification and be able to respond instantly.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Well, our Personal Chat Page feature just came out this month, so our goal is to get the word out about them – particularly in the sales community. Salespeople know millennials who are used to IMing and texting their friends don’t want to talk to a salesperson on the phone, so they use email. Unfortunately, email communication can be slow, which is why Personal Chat Pages are there to fill the gap as a place to connect instantly online!

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