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QASymphony – Accelerate Testing To Match The Speed Of Agile Development

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QASymphony has developed a suite of agile software testing tools, including a test management platform that is transforming test management processes through best-in-class integrations, real-time testing metrics, exploratory testing and easy-to-use test case management.

Below is our interview with Reed Gusmus, from QASymphony:


Q: You’ve recently announced a $3 million venture term loan; could you tell us something more?

A: We’ve experienced rapid growth as global enterprises are transitioning to agile testing methodologies, which is driving the need for agile testing software. This additional funding will allow us to further capitalize on what we see is a significant opportunity in the market around agile testing and also allow us to progressively continue to invest in our products as well as the global expansion of our business.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your testing platform?

A: Our innovative testing and test management platform is purpose-built to help development teams deliver quality software at an agile pace. The qTest software testing platform helps testing teams of all sizes work smarter, faster and better than ever before. From requirements to release, qTest fits right into your software development lifecycle — and seamlessly integrates with the Agile tools teams are using today even at the enterprise level.

The qTest software testing platform consists four tools – qTest, qTest eXplorer, qTest Insights and qTest Scenario. qTest transforms the test management process, helping teams get faster, more efficient and effective within the testing aspect of the SDLC. For teams that use JIRA, qTest gives teams real-time integration at both the requirements and defect levels to provide a comprehensive JIRA test case management tool. qTest eXplorer saves time by auto capturing manual, session-based & exploratory testing. eXplorer automatically records all test execution environment data and user interactions on desktop, web or mobile apps. qTest Insights gives teams access to real-time testing metrics and data visualization so you can quickly identify trends and troubleshoot issues. Last but not least, qTest Scenario is an innovative JIRA add-on that helps teams take a test-first approach to Agile. With over 9,000 users and 350 customers, the qTest platform has become a global leader in agile software testing tools.

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Q: What are main challenges of being a leader in providing truly enterprise-level agile testing tools?

A: Since qTest is an enterprise-level tool, we’re constantly competing against the likes of HP, IBM and Microsoft who are clearly much larger companies than us. QASymphony sells into enterprises that need a solution to help them drive enterprise-level qualities, so even though we’re a small company, we can’t have small company quality and not take that seriously. In essence, we’re a small company that has to act like a big company because we’re creating software that’s a mission-critical component of large, well-known companies delivering their core software. Being that we’re a smaller company who caters to the enterprise, we have to be much more responsive to our customers and provide them the level of support, attention and innovation that enterprise deserves, but that they don’t get when they’re getting their solutions from other enterprises.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The future is bright, and we plan to continue to differentiate our product and be differentiated in the fact that we provide a suite of products rather than a point solution. QASymphony will continue to accept trends and build products on trends that we see in the market around increasing automation, testing and increased collaboration across development, testing and operations as it relates to quality. We want to embrace what people are doing with agile and help them have better solutions for testing to complement agile development. We still believe that today’s developers have a good set of tools, but testers have historically been under-served because they can’t develop their own tools. Because of this, there’s really a need more than ever for testing to have high-quality tools.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using QASymphony?

A: Today’s software testing and development teams are under pressure to move faster while delivering high quality, defect free software. With this, QA and development leaders are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and effective, keep pace with today’s fast-moving markets and do more with less. QASymphony has developed a suite of software testing tools that allows teams to move faster than ever before without sacrificing software quality. The qTest platform helps streamline and accelerate test case management, provides teams with actionable QA metrics that help keep a pulse on testing and lastly, qTest offers seamless integrations that were built to work with the tools you’ve already invested in which maximizes the total cost of ownership.

The qTest platform was built for ease of use, a high adoption rate and minimal ongoing support. Customers also have a dedicated customer success manager who’s available to help with training, best practices and other issues. Most customers get can up-and-running with qTest very quickly. Customers using our cloud service are activated immediately and on-premise installations usually can be completed within a day. Our customer success managers work with our customers to create custom fields, notifications and other settings to help get the most out of our testing platform. Additionally, there’s extensive training available for administrators and end users online as well as ongoing webinars for continued education and best practices.

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