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Qstack Integrates Intel Data Center Manager, Bringing Forth The Most Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform To Date

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Qstack is a comprehensive on premise cloud and infrastructure management platform provided by Greenqloud. Greenqloud recently announced partnership with Intel and is working on fully integrating Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) to offer a more flexible, scalable and easily-administrated cloud management platform. To find out more about their platform we sat down with Jonsi Stefansson, CEO of Greenqloud:

Jonsi Stefansson

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of Qstack?

A: Qstack is a hypervisor and hardware agnostic cloud management platform with native hybrid cloud capabilities and built-in Kubernetes container and application orchestration. With Qstack you have the unique opportunity of consolidating and simplifying your infrastructure management. By managing your internal bare metal, virtual and containerized environment as well as your public cloud resources from a single pane of glass. Qstack can be deployed for multi- or single tenancy, with built-in usage metering and supports single sign on (AD/LDAP). Here you can see my demo in order to gain a deeper understanding of the functionalities and features in Qstack.

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Q: You’ve recently announced that Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) will be fully integrated into Qstack from June 2017; tell us something more?

A: We are really excited about this partnership with Intel. Intel DCM brings the data center management and monitoring to a new level, where you are basically turning each one of your devices into sensor for a more precise overview of your data center and infrastructure. With heat maps and power distribution Qstack administrators can take advantage of that information and react accordingly by live migrating or moving workloads from potential problem areas or racks without downtime.

Q: What is unique about Qstack and how does it stand out from competition?

A: Qstack truly follows what we believe is the true cloud concept. We provide you with the freedom and the flexibility to choose the perfect platform for any workload within the same management system, no matter if the platform of choice is actually running in-house or not. Qstack is a full stack solution, from quickly and easily deploying your comprehensive private cloud to helping you implement your hybrid cloud strategy going forward.

For a better understanding of our application orchestration layer I suggest watching my webinar where I go into the different ways of utilizing the Qstack´s application orchestration.

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Q: What can we expect from Qstack in next four months?

A: In the next release we will be introducing the fully integrated Intel DCM, as well as additions to our Kubernetes application orchestration layer, cluster management and supported hybrid zones to name a few additions. We are also working on other joint projects with great partners that we can’t wait to tell you all about!

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