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QUADROtech Enhances Total Email Migration Suite With Acquisition Of Timefinity Group

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QUADROtech’s technology is used to power the migration projects of companies looking to migrate email archives, live mailboxes and PST files/offline emails to a range of new archiving platforms such as new versions of Enterprise Vault, Exchange, and Office365. With cloud hosting, ingestion innovations such as the Advanced Ingestion Protocol, a global network of partners, and a staff of industry experts, we help our customers avoid the more costly, time-consuming and risky aspects of migration projects. Below is our interview with Peter Kozak, CEO of QUADROtech:

Peter KozakQ: Can you tell us a little about QUADROtech’s company history from where you started, to where you are today?

A: The origins of QUADROtech began about 10 years ago with the development of a set of migration tools to assist those working in the fields of PST (locally stored email files) migrations, and Enterprise Vault data management. By 2006 these tools had taken the shape of PST FlightDeck and ArchiveShuttle, and were being successfully deployed in large-scale projects. As a result of a business acquisition in 2012, these two products went on to form the basis of QUADROtech.

By 2013, we had released Version 6 of ArchiveShuttle and successfully migrated over 1.5PB by the end of the year. 2014 marked the release of, our cloud provisioned archive migration service that looked to address the more time and resource intensive elements of a migration project, such as initial consultation, hardware provisioning and overall project speed, to better-assist companies negotiate the hurdles of time, risk and cost that can be involved in projects of this nature.

2015 saw the completion of our triple play migration framework for the migration of archive, live, and offline/PST mail to Office 365. With MailboxShuttle, ArchiveShuttle, and PST FlightDeck all utilizing a consistent, user-friendly interface for all management and reporting needs, migration customers won’t need to look to deploy a range of solutions in the migration of their entire email ecosystem to Office 365 – saving themselves time, money, and needless complexity.

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Q: Why has email migration become such a pressing issue and how will your recent acquisition and ‘triple play’ framework help this?

A: We certainly don’t need to tell anyone how prevalent email is. Ever since the first email was sent, the volume, importance, as well as the size of its content, has continued to grow exponentially. Businesses know that any disruption in email access has to be avoided at all costs, another reason they understandably continue with the maintenance and administration of their current service platforms, despite the cost of doing so, in order to avoid the risk.Our technology, specifically the Sync’N’Switch component, looks to address this by synchronizing a users archive to a new target in the background, and switching them over to the new system once complete. In our projects, users often have no idea the service is even running as we migrate their archives and access to an empowered platform.

We are pleased to announce our recent acquisition of Timefinity Group, a communication analysis and software provider. Timefinity has had great success in the creation of connectors for a number of complicated platforms such as CommVaultSimpana, Barracuda Archiver and This means customers who were previously held up by the inability to safely migrate their data from systems such as these, will have a fast, safe route for their journey to Office 365. Moving forwards, Timefinity’s Research & Design Department can provide us the necessary resources to accelerate our development process and deliver rapid solutions to the challenges of data migration.

Businesses may need to undertake email migration for a number of reasons, perhaps as a result of a recent merger, which would necessitate the need to combine the email accounts and archives of two or more separate user bases and ingest them into new systems. With these emails possibly existing in a number of locations and formats, the complexity and risk of the project can become daunting. With the ability to quickly assess the volume of email you have to deal with, even with items and archives existing on home drives or network shares, you’re in a much stronger position to identify how best to quickly and safely migrate them to new environments such as Office 365.


QUADROtech’s Triple Play Migration framework

Q: With a number of alternatives to the QUADROtech approach, what makes you different?

A: As well as being the only provider able to cover these three tiers, our cloud service has also proved hugely popular. Many migration approaches can cause costs to climb considerably through initial provisioning and configuration long before the project even begins. We’re proud of our ability to deliver a tiered managed migration service, as well as rapid pilot migrations,to help our customers start migrating their actual items in just a matter of days, regardless of their size or complexity.Customers can also rest assured in regards to the security of this approach. Due to the fact we uncouple migration workflow and control from the content, the actual information within the emails never leaves the company’s security boundaries, nor is it stored anywhere else. We only access the metadata of the emails (to, from, date, etc.) to perform a full email migration.


Cloud diagram from a recent white boarding session at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Our Advanced Ingestion Protocol, released in December 2014, is one of both ArchiveShuttle and FlightDeck’s key features. Thanks to this protocol, we were able to set an ArchiveShuttle ingestion speed record to Office 365 at 111 items per second, utilizing just a single ingestion module. This is not only thanks to AIP, but also down to an end-to-end knowledge of the migration process, from extraction to ingestion. But speed isn’t the only advantage.

Preserving the integrity of your email items is essential not only to protect the information for users, but also to keep it on the right side of increasing regulatory demands. Alternative ingestion approaches can often rely on a high level of both the cracking and reforming of items in order to get them into the new platform successfully. Not only is this slower, it can potentially harm the integrity of the data within. This makes our AIP feature a truly unique advantage of working with QUADROtech.

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Q: With a rapidly evolving and growing company, especially in regards to your recent acquisition, how will you look to continually galvanize your company values and culture?

A: QUADROtech is a young company staffed by passionate people who are all dedicated to improving their craft. That’s why we believe it’s important to allow people the space and resources required to achieve their goals. We actively encourage our employees to take internally funded educational courses to empower their future prospects and achieve their full potential. We require a high level of input from our employees in order to achieve our standards of quality and service and we work hard to ensure they get us much value from the company as the company gets from them. This is what makes working at QUADROtech such a unique and nurturing experience.

We don’t see expansion as a potential threat to our values, but as something that will only help contribute to them. We take great pride in the diversity of our employees and we see this diversity, not only of the individuals themselves but also of their unique experience and skill sets, as an essential component in the continual development of our innovations, technology, and company.

We’re also committed to the continuation of our green business practices. All our datacentres run on 100% renewable energy and we compensate 100% of our C02 emissions to try and ensure are carbon footprint is as close to zero as possible. Our commitment to our customers and partners forms the centrepiece of our corporate values. Our continued investment in QUADROtech is for the sole purpose of delivering the safest, fastest and best-value migration projects on the market both today, and into the future.

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