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QuickStart Delivers Personalized Learning Experience Through Its Cognitive Learning Platform Called CLIPP

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QuickStart started more than two decades ago to provide IT Skills training to IT professionals across the US. It served as a training organization where enterprises would send their employee to get upskilled in various technologies in a classroom format or private classroom settings. In many ways, QuickStart is one of the pioneers of the IT skills training industry in the West Coast of United States. The organization quickly gained traction in the B2B space and has served a number of Fortune 500 companies in upskilling their employees. Over the past few years, it evolved into a Cognitive Learning IT skills training marketplace. They serve IT directors in upgrading their leadership and technology skills, work with IT professionals to improve their skills, and help non-IT professionals acquire the IT skills they need to excel at their jobs.

We interviewed Ed Sattar, CEO of QuickStart and here’s what he had to say:

Ed Sattar

Q: You’ve recently launched an online community for tech experts and learners; could you tell us something more?

A: We recently launched “Expert Connect”, a community of learners, instructors, experts, mentors, IT consultants and IT professionals interested in seeking solutions to their IT problems or getting consultants to bid on IT projects. This service is free and a feature to augment our Cognitive Learning Platform (CLIPP).

We recognized the need for this community based on customer feedback. We work with a number of technology experts and IT professionals who are constantly looking for better platforms to exhibit and improve their skills. They ask questions and get answers on Reddit, Quora, and a number of other similar platforms. While working with all these wonderful people who share a lot of common interests in terms of technology, we recognized the need to connect them to each other.

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Q: What kinds of programs are you offering to your clients, and which one is the most popular?

A: QuickStart’s objective is to offer a high impact and personalized learning experience by delivering content through various modalities through its cognitive learning platform called CLIPP.

It enables QuickStart to offer its flagship product, the Master Subscription, which includes 700 + courses including VILT courses, online course, virtual labs and simulations, instructor mentoring , peer -to-peer learning , cognitive authoring and learning through multi device, either a laptop, tablet or a mobile app. This enables a high impact and personalized learning experience.

This product empowers organizations to enroll the members of their technology team in a subscription that lasts 12 months and gives them access to our course catalog for a one-time payment. While most organizations realize the importance of training, they have a limited budget allocated to it. That, along with training needs being subject to new technologies, make it difficult to predict the training needs of your team and then allocate a budget to it that would last you an entire fiscal year. With our master subscription, you buy the subscription and do not have to pay anything else through the year. This means you can get members of your technology team to take different courses, acquire new certifications, and undergo multiple trainings throughout the year as and when the need arises, without having to move the budget around. That, the hundreds of courses included in the subscription, and the low price point make it the most popular product we have on offer.

Q: Why would you recommend private training?

A: I am a big proponent of lifelong learning. The mode of training can vary from industry to industry and business environment to business environment, but the reason to acquire new skills and gain new knowledge remain the same. New technologies are being introduced every day, and if you are not going to learn how to use them, your competitors will. That is why, as a professional, you need to invest in yourself and keep learning new skills. Furthermore, if you are in a leadership role in your organization, you need to invest in upskilling your team. Through online training, you do not have to break the bank and can gain access to the latest courseware and the best instructors out there. When you have that capability, why miss out on it?

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have already changed the game in how IT Training is delivered, consumed, retained and implemented through our cognitive learning platform (CLIPP). Our objective is to turn the CLIPP platform to be the industry de-facto platform for IT Training and project performance. We plan to get CIOs/VPs to enter high level project information and the AI engine outputs an entire project plan along with the budget and requirements.

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