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Quikly And The Evolution Of Consumer Marketing

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Written by: Shawn Geller, CEO and Co-Founder of Quikly

Growing up, my parents absolutely hated shopping, but once a year they made a switch on Black Friday. My parents became captivated consumers. They’d leave the family early on Thanksgiving. This visceral response was powerful and unique, and it stuck with me. On Black Friday, it seemed that discount was not the only factor driving action. These four psychological motivations were actually more important:

  • Anticipation → The more we think about something, the higher we perceive the value to be.
  • Scarcity → If something is limited, we feel that it’s exclusive and premium.
  • Fear of missing out → We don’t want to be the only one who’s left out of the fun.
  • Competition → When given the opportunity we want to win, not lose.

The concept is captivating. I knew it was business-worthy, because it solved the problem of consumer engagement. Quikly was born in Philadelphia in 2012, but I moved the company to Detroit three years ago after securing funding from Detroit Venture Partners. Today, we call the M@dison Building home.

Growing up from a startup is difficult. You can’t do it alone. Quikly is where it is today, because of my co-founder and CTO, Scott Meves, and the entire Quikly team. They have shown some real grit and determination over the last couple years, and I think that should be recognized. Additionally, we have some great partnerships with big brands who champion our platform, and I appreciate that.


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A ‘Quik’ Introduction

Quikly, a marketing & engagement solutions platform, bottles up the motivations I mentioned, allowing brands to activate consumers in a fun and meaningful way. Our platform is the evolution of the sweepstakes. Sweeps have become something passive that lack innovation. They erode brands and only engage deal-seekers – not a brand’s target demographics.

We have taken the best of sweeps and added a deeper level of engagement. Our platform excites and energizes consumers, because we make it fun. We make it a memorable experience that brings participants back again…and again…and again. Consumers love Quikly, and we’ve helped brands drive 50 percent conversion on average.

So, how does a Quikly campaign work? Brands can leverage the Quikly platform to push out a limited batch of rewards. Consumers of a brand are notified of a campaign release and can opt-in. Participants can gain a heads-up on others by inviting friends on social media and taking other actions before a release.

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When the campaign goes live, a secret link is sent via email or SMS and available to be claimed. The consumers who are the fastest to claim get the best rewards.

Quikly is a solution for any consumer-facing industry, including retail, food, automotive, CPG, travel & destination, and entertainment & movies.

Want more info? Brands, visit Move Quikly. Consumers, visit Quikly.

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