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Quintly Helps You Track, Benchmark and Optimize Your Social Media Performance

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quintly is a professional social media benchmarking and analytics tool that helps brands, agencies and media companies to analyze and optimize their social media performance. Here is our interview with Alex Peiniger, Founder and CEO of quintly:

Alex Peiniger CEO of quintlyQ: Alex, how did you start quintly?

A: We started quintly mid of 2010 as a side project from our agency work. We developed an early prototype under the name of “Social.Media.Tracking” and could get the first 10 clients pretty quickly in our home market here in Germany. After that we went international pretty soon.

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Q: What is your startup story?

A: The first prototype was developed in 2010 and we finally incorporated the company beginng of 2011 when we got a seed investment from the US. At that point we renamed the product from “Social.Media.Tracking” to “AllFacebook Stats” and it was also the start to grow the company internationally where we gained some momentum pretty quickly. End of 2012 we went on and integrated more social networks beside Facebook and renamed the company to “quintly” to have a more generic name for the future that would allow us to develop the company in a different direction. The first years were really about trying out a lot of things with some successes and a lot of little problems. It took us until late 2013 to figure out our approach towards sales and product management. This was the point when our real growth started. We are very grateful to have learned a lot until today and are very proud that we currently have users from over 160 countries.

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Q: Could you tell us more about quintly’s key features?

A: quintly helps brands, agencies and media companies to analyze, benchmark and optimize their social media performance. We provide our clients with an easy to use dashboard solution that brings together all their social media statistics in one place. Our specialty is that we always try to add a competitive side to all stats, so that our users can see how they are performing against competitors and other players. That means that they can really focus on their day-to-day work and leave us with the complex data handling and quality assurance. On top of that we help a lot with automated reporting processes, so that the right people get the right stats at the right time directly to their inbox.

Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing it?

A: Most of the technical challenges lie in the mass of data that we store and analyze. You need very robust database systems to be able to scale this out. When we were still small things were quite easy but when we started to serve thousands of users worldwide things got a bit more complicated and it slowed down our product development a lot. Today we are happy that we have a very scalable system that allows us to grow much more in the future and be more flexible. Of course the challenges never stop, but we feel well prepared.


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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using it?

A: quintly is for everyone that uses social media in a professional way. We even offer a forever free plan, so there is really no reason to not give it a try and see if it adds value for you. From the discussions with our clients we have seen huge improvements in their social media performance by relying more on data rather than just posting random content. Especially the competitive analysis can generate a lot of quick and easy wins.

Q: What are your plans?

A: We see us as a social media analytics specialist, want to continue on this way and get better in everything that we do. That means we will try to broaden our offering by adding further networks in the future and also go much deeper into the numbers to really bring out the things that make a difference in the end. We want to continue to be a key player in this market worldwide and help to drive the whole industry forward.

Last Updated on May 7, 2016

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