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Race Is On: Chiko Shoes Push For Daily Debute Of New Women’s Fashion Shoes Designs

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Chiko Shoes, the vertically integrated direct-to-consumer fashion shoes brand, recently announced that the company will debute new women’s fashion shoes designs every day to help the consumers catching up on the latest shoes in fashion. The brand, named after the co-founders’ family names (chi-ko), traces its roots to shoe manufacturing business since the beginning of the century and expanded the business into retailing by the end of 2012. By listening closely to its consumers and offering them the fashion they desire, Chiko Shoes fulfill the need for the latest women fashion shoes at a fair price without compromising on quality. Below is our interview with Judy Chin, the co-founder and managing director of Chiko Shoes:


Q: Tell us something more about Chiko Shoes and your history?

A: Chiko Shoes is a vertically integrated direct-to-consumer fashion shoe brand offering customer oriented fashion shoes and handbags. Chiko Shoes traces roots to shoe manufacturing business since beginning of the century and expanded into retailing in 2012, when discovering the niche market of fast turnaround ready to wear women’s shoes inspired by the latest street styles and runway designs. In 2014, Chiko Shoes launched a very successful line of light up unisex fashion sneakers and decided to include men shoes in Chiko Shoes online collection. Chiko Shoes combines the values of traditional shoe creation with an abundant industrial supply chain and modern technology, helping the consumers catching up on the latest shoes in fashion at a fair price.

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Q: What advantage does Chiko Shoes have over its competitors?

A: “The technical part of designing shoes is 85 per cent,” once said by the famous Italian shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, “If you do not understand the technical side of shoes, you can’t do it. Shoes are a universe, with all the different leathers, the materials – silk, velvet, napa, suede, kid. It’s a huge universe and you have to understand your vocabulary first, then you need to work with a factory to understand all the secrets, and then, if you’re lucky and you have passion, you can start your own story.” Chiko Shoes has a long history in footwear manufacturing business. We know the shoes inside out and we know where to turn when there is a goal to be achieved. Our professional shoe prototype service had helped the fashion lovers with a turnkey solution to have their shoe designs illustrations custom made into wearable shoes and now we are using it for our own collections. Leveraging the supplier relationships built up in the past, CHIKO Shoes has direct access to a huge range of new and diverse shoe parts. And our close ties with our suppliers give us the advantage of shortened delivery time.

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Q: What are your plans in the coming six month?

A: Chiko Shoes will be continuously expanding the product lines inspired by the latest fashion trends on the street as well as on the runway of fashion weeks. More unisex footwear designs will be introduced in the coming seasons to catering to the needs of gender free functional and practical footwear available in large size range.

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Q: What makes Chiko Shoes a good choice?

A: Fashion news spread faster than ever. The fashion week shows are practically streamlined real time. Our fashion conscious shoppers knew what they want to wear way before the brick and mortar store can stock them up. By sitting on top of the supply chain and selling directly to the consumers, Chiko Shoes can address the current trends of fashion shoes with much shortened delivery time without compromising on quality. Chiko Shoes online store is updated with trendy new arrivals every day to keep the collections relevant, interesting and refreshing. The dated designs are removed from Chiko Shoes online store usually after three months when the season is over or sold out before that. So buy it now and wear it now, or you will never see them again.

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