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Real Estate With A Holistic Approach – Schwabinger Tor, Emphasizes The Principle Of “Sharing“

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Schwabinger Tor is an urban development designed with uncompromising attention to future forms of living and working. Here, for the first time, people will live a “philosophy of sharing” in every dimension. This philosophy is based on the aspects of talents, sharing, and tolerance. The urban spirit and social atmosphere of the whole quarter is permeated with this philosophy. Below is our interview with Steffen Warlich, Head of Communication & Marketing at Jost Hurler Group:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Schwabinger Tor?

A: Schwabinger Tor on Leopoldstraße in the Schwabing district of Munich is a new residential and commercial urban quarter that provides space for future-oriented styles of working and living. Consisting of a total of nine buildings and due to be fully completed by October 2017, it will develop as a fascinating place to live, work and shop. One of Germany’s largest inner-city construction projects, Schwabinger Tor is a real estate venture of the Jost Hurler Group based on the idea of sharing as a vision of urban lifestyle. Its motto, “Talent. Sharing. Tolerance.” is reflected in concrete offers such as car sharing, co-working, a sharing app for tenants and specifically targeted support for startup companies and art projects.

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Q: Explain the app and how it works for residents?

A: The main purpose of the Schwabinger Tor App is to interconnect the people who live in the urban quarter. Real-time communication will enhance the social integration of residents with very different backgrounds and lifestyles. As they move into Schwabinger Tor, residents and users are invited to become active participants in a unique sharing community: Tenants decide for themselves what they would like to share or offer – from a power drill to helping a neighbor with shopping or watering the flowers when away on vacation. Acting as a kind of digital noticeboard, the App can be used to provide neighbors with information on regular events such as the weekly running group, as well as for spontaneous offers like giving away leftover groceries before vacation. Residents can thereby communicate directly with each other by sending messages, and they can post questions and offers on the platform that can then be viewed, answered or shared by all tenants. In addition to social exchange, the Jost Hurler Group also attaches importance to the provision of tenant services by the landlord. As soon as they move into Schwabinger Tor, tenants will benefit from a wide range of practical opportunities: service requests can be sent directly to the property management office and full transparency as to the handling status will be ensured at all times. Moreover, news of planned activities at Schwabinger Tor and documents such as event notices, service charge statements and instruction manuals will be permanently available online, making the flow of information more efficient and reducing postage costs. The app also makes commercial tenant services available to Schwabinger Tor residents: they can find out about what on-site restaurants and other gastronomic providers have to offer or look up the rates charged by the sports club. There also plans to provide a co-working space and a car sharing fleet for Schwabinger Tor, both of which will be incorporated into the App at a later stage.

Q: What makes Schwabinger Tor unique?

A: It’s its future-oriented approach. The Schwabinger Tor will be in property of Jost Hurler Group for a very long time, so its initiators asked the question: how will people dwell, work and live in the next 20, 30 or even 50 years. From a study, approaching this issue, the theme of “Talents. Sharing. Tolerance.“ was derived. It emphasizes the principle of “sharing“ as the main idea in all aspects of the project what led to offers like car-sharing, co-working and the app named above. This holistic approach makes the Schwabinger Tor unique in German real estate.

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Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 12 months?

A: The Schwabinger Tor is being erected in two phases. Phase 1 consisting of two buildings was finished at the end of 2015, so residents started to move in at the beginning of 2016, the first shops and the restaurant “la boheme“ celebrated their openings in spring, the app launched and very recently a great art exhibition attracted more than 1,500 people to the basement garage.

Q: How does Schwabinger Tor fit into the shareable economy?

A: By providing sharing offers to residents and visitors Schwabinger Tor fits in perfectly and attracts people and businesses with a true affinity on this idea. The developers behind the project will always have an eye on the sharing economy and will integrate future developments, whenever they believe them to be a persistent trend and add value for the users.

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Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: Main plan is to finish phase 2 in time and open the Schwabinger Tor by the end of 2017. In the meanwhile a co-working space with 1,500 square meters shall be established and the car sharing fleet in the basement will start its service. Further art-related events will show that Schwabinger Tor isn’t just about real estate, but about people.

Q: What’s the achievement you are most proud of?

A: It’s an achievement still to come. When Schwabinger Tor will have opened its doors and will have become a loved and lively place within Munich, for residents and visitors alike, then we will be very proud of the finished development.

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