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RealREPP Is A People First Recruiting Company Led By Expert Recruiters & Powered By TJ, Their Proprietary AI SearchBot

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Below is our recent interview with Danielle Whitton, Director of Talent & Administration at RealREPP:

Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: The founders of RealREPP were early adopters of the remote work trend and are currently growing their team with one of their first major hiring announcements this year. They are now looking to expand their team of nationwide recruiters. RealREPP’s proprietary training program will become accessible online for new hires to tackle at their own pace to complement the added value of in-person experiential learning. By helping staff find their path to success, it helps RealREPP grow and align their internal goals along the way. As a group, there is a strong focus on transparency. Individual goals are frequently discussed in conjunction with the overarching mission of the company. This approach gives everyone a clear and measurable direction.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: RealREPP’s AI technology launch is scheduled for 2022 with the goal of making searching and hiring easier through automation technology paired with their dedicated Expert Recruiters.

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Q: What does this mean if you’re a RealREPP Expert recruiter?

  • A: Help more people find jobs
  • Change the lives of more people
  • Discover aligned values
  • Feel happy and energized
  • Develop client loyalty by helping them build their teams more efficiently with enhanced skillset + culture matches

Q: What does this mean if you’re looking for a job?

  • A: Access to better jobs that match your skillset + target compensation
  • Increased exposure to higher-paying jobs with companies that align with your values
  • Search while you sleep

Q: What does this mean if you’re a hiring manager building your team?

  • A: Access passive candidates more efficiently
  • Identify the center of target candidates quickly
  • Reduce time spent screening candidates
  • Focus on the candidates with meaningful potential
  • Significantly reduce turnover when culture + skillsets match your team

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: RealREPP underpromises but over-delivers in most areas including the perks. They went from offering half days on Fridays in the summertime to making that a thing every week. The team can live full lives in addition to working 100% remotely. RealREPP leadership wants their staff to know they can prioritize family time, wellness, volunteering, and a healthy work-life balance.

The life-changing, uncapped earning potential at RealREPP means that employees are rewarded. This year, the team celebrated as several employees reached significant personal, and professional, financial milestones. Ongoing benefits include the ability to work 100% remote or hybrid, all with flexible work schedules. Access work anywhere, anytime, via cloud technology, home office support, company-provided laptops, and dual 27″ monitors. Unlimited sick time and PTO make it possible for employees to volunteer within the community, golf, take a class, or “me” day 😊. RealREPP has truly figured out how to work remotely but remain connected. When people in the office enjoy a catered lunch, for example, they often take the time to have a meal delivered to the remote employees too.

New hires, near and far, at RealREPP immediately notice the positive encouragement that the team consistently exhibits. They showcase the RealREPP spirit by taking good care of each other. Whether remote or in office, the RealREPP team celebrates daily wins together and is there for each other through the dips. Company leadership invests in technology and professional development to help employees reach their goals while ensuring that plenty of fun is had in the process. RealREPP never misses a birthday, work anniversary, or holiday celebration- really any excuse to make things fun and build team spirit. “People Are Your Foundation,” is more than just a tagline- it’s a core value that is demonstrated daily.

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