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Realtyna Helps Bridge The Gap Between Advance And Flexible Real Estate Applications To Cost Effective IDX Options

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Below is our recent interview with Marvin Sanderson, Vice President at Realtyna:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Realtyna?

A: Realtyna is a real estate technology provider company. The company was founded in 2007 to help bridge the gap between advance and flexible real estate applications to cost effective IDX options. In general, we provide software for real estate professionals’ websites to help them generate, convert and organize leads.

Q: Can you give us insights into your products?

A: Our platform, WPL, is the main product that all of our extensions are built on. WPL is a WordPress plugin with over 80 essential features for real estate professionals. The plugin on its own is enough for simple real estate websites, which is one huge appeal.

The most important extension we offer is our IDX solution, Organic MLS Integration. The vast majority of real estate agents in the United States rely on such a function so website users can actually search for properties on their site. This feature has been in the industry for a couple of years. So, at Realtyna we give our clients 3 different options of integration. One with one-time fee and the highest SEO ranking, one option with a low monthly fee, as well as an API option for those more technically inclined and want to use the technology in very specific ways.

Aside from that, we also offer over 25 other add-ons and enterprise solutions that agents can choose to include on their website. Our thought behind this is that every business has different needs, and agents should only have to pay for those products they actually want. Here are a few of our most popular add-ons:

-Well, of course our Organic Integration, the most popular solution we provide.
-Advanced Portal Search: WPL Pro already comes with advanced search and customization options. Besides that, APS allows you to do even more like Save Searches, Polygon Search, Automatic Notifications etc.
-CRM: All aspects of WPL are integrated with our in-house CRM which will allow you to convert, organize and communicate with leads as well as track their activities.
-School info Add-on: displays school information and rating around the listing
-Neighborhoods: With this product, you can map all properties from a certain neighborhood and display them in one place. People will be able to search for properties within specific neighborhoods.
-Facebook Dynamic Ads: Using this solution, you will be able to create dynamic ads for Facebook with a click of a button. The properties you choose from your website will be sent directly to Facebook catalogue where you can fine-tune your ad campaign.

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Q: But you do not stop at your website products. What services does Realtyna offer?

A: Of course we are always willing to help our users with installations and support. The purchase of a product actually comes with one year of support for free. We offer some other services to our clients aside from complimentary installation, as well. We go further and provide customization projects, graphic design, webmastering, and even full turnkey websites upon our clients request. In addition, we have SEO and optimization packages as well as a hosting platform that provides a dedicated managed hosting solution for those clients who choose to use it.

Q: What makes WPL Pro Products unique to other IDX/Real Estate Website providers?

A: We have 3 big differences between us and the others.

1. One-time fees/Lifetime licenses: All of our products come with a one-time fee. This is very unique in the IDX industry and really the website provider industry as a whole. This one-time fee also means you have a lifetime license of the product, lifetime updates and own all of the code. This flexibility allows users to use this product how and when they want, in any design or on any server, totally independent from us.

2.Customizable and Open Source: Most of our features are designed in a way that they can easily be customized by the user in the backend of WPL. We have seen with some other providers that this kind of lack of ability was a major headache for users. Even further, all of our products are open source. That means, with our lifetime license, you can easily modify any of the code from our products to match what you need.

3.Flexible Hosting: SEO is very important to real estate professionals. One of the best things we do is give all the tools necessary to achieve a high ranking. The most useful is allowing them the freedom to control their hosting and data. All of the website content is owned and hosted by the client, which results in higher ranking for them. This is especially important when you consider the thousands of listings they are importing to their site.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Realtyna is always looking to the future. We have a whole team dedicated to analyzing the market and tech trends and making sure we continue to develop tools and updates that our clients want and need. Currently, we have 7 developments in the product line ready to roll out in the coming months. Some are improvements to features we already have and some are new extensions we will be providing. And without going into too much detail, we have a few other projects in the works. I can say with confidence, real estate professionals will be seeing a lot more products and services from Realtyna in the next few years.

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