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Reco Enhances SaaS Security With Comprehensive SSPM

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Reco provides a comprehensive solution for SaaS security that secures the entire lifecycle of a SaaS app, ensuring full visibility into connected SaaS applications, precise access management, and real-time threat detection.Customer testimonials highlight its effectiveness in reducing data exposure and improving response times.

Unveiling the Power of Identity-Centric SaaS Security

Reco, a leading SaaS security solution, is dedicated to securing SaaS applications. As organizations increasingly rely on SaaS, the need for robust security measures becomes paramount. Reco addresses this need by securing the entire lifecycle of a SaaS application with its identity-centric approach that can secure every app and associated identity.

Improving SaaS Security Posture

Reco ensures that the configuration of SaaS ecosystems are secure and compliant. Reco improves security coverage and lowers risk, while saving time and reducing costs. Organizations can gain instant visibility into current SaaS application posture by setting baseline configurations and assessing posture across all SaaS application security controls continuously with over 100 one-click checks that score alignment of your critical SaaS apps against recommended security configurations, and monitor for configuration drift. Customers have shared that they feel prepared for an IT audit with continuous posture management that keeps track of changes to configuration files. Reco maintains compliance by continuously checking SaaS security posture against industry best practices and frameworks including SOC 2, ISO 27001, CIS, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

Discovering Every Application and Identity

Reco provides full visibility into SaaS ecosystems, discovering all applications and identities. This comprehensive discovery includes both sanctioned (SSO) and unsanctioned (non-SSO) applications, such as third-party apps, shadow apps, and internal cloud services. Reco continuously monitors and adjusts security controls to ensure that organizations have a clear view of their entire SaaS environment.

Common security risks that can be identified through this visibility include:

  • Unauthorized applications and identities
  • Misconfigurations and over-permissioned users
  • Potential exposure gaps from user behavior
  • Unmonitored SaaS-to-SaaS connections

Reco’s ability to discover every application and identity allows organizations to proactively manage their security posture, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Managing Access with Precision

Reco’s identity and access governance feature provides organizations with the tools to manage access precisely. By understanding exposure gaps from user behavior, Reco identifies potential security risks from admins, over-privileged users, stale accounts, and former employees who retained access.

Organizations can initiate access reviews with relevant stakeholders, ensuring that only authorized users have access to critical applications and data. This precision in managing access helps organizations maintain a secure SaaS environment and reduces the likelihood of breaches.

Case studies have shown that effective access management through Reco leads to significant improvements in security. Organizations have reported enhanced visibility into user permissions, streamlined access reviews, and reduced potential exposure gaps.

Detecting and Responding to Threats Instantly

Reco excels in real-time threat detection and mitigation. The platform is equipped to detect suspicious activities and mitigate threats quickly. Dynamic, ready-to-use policies address various cyber attack scenarios, including ransomware, account takeovers, and insider threats.

Customers benefit from Reco’s ability to provide immediate alerts to exposure risks and remediate threats through automated workflows integrated with existing SIEM and SOAR systems. This real-time detection and response capability enhances an organization’s ability to manage security incidents effectively.

Testimonials from Reco customers highlight the platform’s effectiveness in reducing false positives and improving response times to real threats. Security teams can focus on addressing genuine risks rather than sifting through numerous false alerts.

Simplifying SaaS Security Management

Reco simplifies the integration process, connecting seamlessly to SaaS environments without the need for agents or software deployment. This non-intrusive approach ensures that organizations can quickly and easily implement Reco’s security solutions.

On average, Reco customers have over 850 connected applications and around 12,000 connected accounts. Reco’s SaaS App Factory extends their SaaS security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring from Reco to any SaaS application. Enterprises can implement a common security framework with a consistent set of policies to ensure universal coverage of all SaaS applications in their tech stack. A new integration is available in Reco within 3-5 days, a development velocity that is ten times faster than other SaaS security solutions.

Reco secures thousands of SaaS applications, including core applications like:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • ServiceNow
  • Workday
  • Slack
  • Okta
  • Oracle CloudApps
  • Snowflake
  • NetSuite

Proven Success in SaaS Security

Reco partners with leading enterprises across technology, healthcare, financial services, retail, and manufacturing to secure their SaaS ecosystem. Customer success stories demonstrate Reco’s impact on SaaS security, reporting a significant reduction in false positives and more accurate identification of potential exposure.

Key testimonials from industry leaders underline Reco’s value. For example, Dror Hevlin, CISO at SolarEdge, noted that Reco’s context-based security solution enabled his team to filter out up to 99% of false positives, allowing them to respond more effectively to real threats. Robert Kugler, Head of Security & Compliance at Cresta, praised Reco for improving efficiency by automating alert investigations and triaging. And Kyle Kurdziolek, Director of Cloud Engineering commented that Reco is the ideal SaaS security solution that any organization can easily pick up and get immediate time to value.

Future-Proofing SaaS Security

Reco is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in SaaS security. The platform stays updated with the latest security trends and adapts to new challenges in the SaaS security landscape. Reco’s dynamic policies and AI-driven insights ensure that organizations are always prepared to address emerging threats.

As the SaaS security landscape evolves, Reco remains dedicated to helping organizations safeguard their environments. Predictions for future developments in SaaS security include greater emphasis on enhanced real-time threat detection, and more robust compliance management.

Ensuring Your SaaS Environment’s Safety

In summary, Reco offers a comprehensive, SaaS security solution that secures the entire lifecycle of a SaaS application. It provides full visibility, precise access management, and real-time threat detection. By simplifying the integration process and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, Reco empowers organizations to maintain a secure SaaS environment. With proven success and a commitment to continuous innovation, Reco is an essential partner in safeguarding your SaaS applications. To explore Reco’s solutions and request a demo, visit their website and discover how they can help secure your SaaS ecosystem.

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