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Relovate – Private, Ad Free, Social Trip Planning And Booking

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Relovate helps travelers take full control of trip planning and booking. You can collaborate with others, consider options, engage providers and launch plans directly from published content on Relovate traveling platform. Below is our interview with Charles Saldarini from Relovate:

Q: Charles, how would you describe Relovate in your own words?

A: Relovate inspires travelers to Stop Booking Around and take full control of trip planning and booking. We’ve blended world class travel product with delightfully easy planning, sharing and booking, in a private, ad-free workspace.

Q: Could you tell us something about your main features?

A: We’ve created 8 new features which to date have not been available to the online traveler.

One Site Planning & Booking

Relovate has integrated thousands of hotels, restaurants, flights, activities, car rentals, points of interests and car service all into one easy to use application. Each one of them can be searched, retrieved, reviewed, edited, considered and booked.

Integrated Itineraries

Relovate produces a complete itinerary for every travel choice booked, or considered, populated with all the confirmation details, contact information and of course the addresses. This means users do not have to worry about email forwarding, because they can book everything from Relovate.

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Consider Options

Embedded into every result Relovate provides is our Consider option, which means users may save multiple options across multiple travel choices. Users can return to make final booking decisions at their convenience.

Address to Address Planning

Relovate makes it easy to use precise addresses. This lets users find precisely located travel choices in close proximity to their destinations. Among other benefits, this eliminates needing to know airport codes. Relovate organizes all search results around the addresses in the plan, so results are more relevant and more personal.

Share & Collaborate

Relovate offers 4 different ways to involve friends, family and co-workers in trip planning, two of which are currently available and 2 more of which are coming soon. Each is connected using Relovate Chat (an in app messaging tool), which eliminates sending emails or text messages and powers trip specific communications, with real time notifications.

Trips Library

Relovate saves everything users do in trip planning and booking, automatically. Every trip, every location, and every preference is saved so the next trip plan is fast and efficient. A library of all your trips is created, organized in Trip Tiles, which may be personalized with a name and also a photo.
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Map-Based Searching

Hotel, restaurants, points of interest, along with our location guides all include map based views. This fits beautifully with address to address planning because now you can pinpoint these items in relation to the address you intend to visit. For example, here are hotel choices near Via Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano, Italy.

Advertising Free.

No advertisements. Relovate is your own, personal, distraction free workspace. Now, you can plan and book your trips without some travel provider flashing “Book Now.”

Q: You’ve recently partnered with Amadeus; could you tell us something more?

A: We’re thrilled with our partnership with Amadeus, and we will be expanding and enhancing that relationship as we progress our product roadmap. Adding more rich content, more bookable products, and other technology solutions including mobile development are all part of our current thinking.

Q: What are your plans for next 6-9 months?

A: We’ll be focused on 3 areas:

1) The User Experience; refining and improving our user’s experience, notably around personalization.
2) Our Trip Social Initiative; focused on completing our Sharing & Collaboration capabilities to make multi-party trip planning and booking ridiculously easy.
3) Product Expansion; expanding and refining our bookable product offerings, likely including residence based accommodations, restaurants booking and more dynamic flight booking solutions.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Relovate?

A: I’d ask readers to think about their trip planning and ask themselves these 7 questions:

1. Why can’t I find everything I need for one site?
2. Why can’t I build a trip any way I choose to?
3. Why can’t I use actual addresses instead of airport codes?
4. Why can’t I consider options before I book?
5. Why isn’t everything I search, and book saved for me in my own Trips Library?
6. Why can’t I share and collaborate my trip with others?
7. Why isn’t my experience advertising free and private?

We’re certain your readers will realize they can answer “Now I Can” to each of these questions.

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