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RepuGen Delivers Machine Learning Driven Analytics For Online Reputation Management

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RepuGen is an online reputation management platform for the healthcare industry which enables doctors to monitor and improve patient satisfaction through machine learning driven analytics and reporting. RepuGen filters out negative reviews even before they are posted online allowing healthcare providers time to react, address the situation and improve patient experience. Below is our recent interview with Ajay Prasad, the Founder and CEO of RepuGen:


Q: What is RepuGen’s mission?

A: RepuGen’s mission is to provide a seamless and effective solution to nurture patient relationships, improve online reputation, and attract new patients to a business. We believe that positive external reputation and internal relationships are the key to driving new business, especially in the healthcare and dental industry. Without consistent positive reviews and a system for improving patient satisfaction and relationships, a medical practice won’t succeed.

RepuGen strives to seamlessly connect patients with their providers, improving the patient experience and allowing providers to nurture relationships and stand out among their competitors

Q: What makes RepuGen a good choice?

A: RepuGen is a healthcare online reputation and review management platform that provides doctors with the ability to seamlessly monitor and improve patient satisfaction, get positive reviews, and intercept potential negative reviews before they’re posted online.

Other reputation management platforms revolve solely around getting online reviews, but we at RepuGen understand that reputation is much more than that. Not only are we providing the easiest process for patients to write reviews online, but we capture data at every point of contact and compile it into reports for you to view within RepuGen in real-time. This allows seamless monitoring and management of patient relationships, allowing you to make efforts that improve the patient experience.

RepuGen users see that 99% of the reviews that they receive while using RepuGen are 4 and 5 star reviews. Along with this, practices and doctors have claimed that using RepuGen has resulted in an 80% patient service recovery rate, due to innovative management tools that allow managers and providers to address patient concerns instantly and then document the results within RepuGen.

Our software has also helped practice managers and providers improve their practices for the future. By understanding why patients are dissatisfied and addressing their concerns, RepuGen users have been able to implement new processes to limit future problems from occurring, ultimately boosting the quality of care for all patients.

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Q: What’s RepuGen’s story? How did RepuGen start?

A: RepuGen started as a simple tool that we used for one of our marketing clients at GMR Web Team. This client was a collection of urgent care centers that was seeing a large amount of poor reviews being posted consistently on sites like Yelp and Facebook.

We started managing their reputation the old fashioned way by letting the practice managers hand out ‘review us’ cards to patients. The results were generally effective but very spotty, so we decided to build a platform that can do this automatically. Thus, RepuGen was born.

In June of last year, we decided to develop a platform that could be used by any doctor or medical practice in the world and have seen great success in our first year, with over 2,000 doctors already using the software to manage and improve their reputation.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: RepuGen’s general process is an automated survey that sends a text message to a patient after their visit asking them to rate their experience and provide any feedback. If a patient doesn’t respond to the text message, they receive an email with the same process. Happy patients are led to reviews sites, while unhappy patients are sent directly to management so they can perform service recovery. All ratings and feedback data is compiled into reports on the RepuGen dashboard, allowing managers to monitor and improve the patient experience.

RepuGen’s process & features are unique in a variety of ways:

• The dashboard is seamless and informative, so any manager or provider can easily log in and analyze patient satisfaction in an instant. All managers and providers are provided their own log in, so they’ll only see their own data.
• RepuGen focuses on a quick & straightforward process from a patient’s perspective. The goal is to reduce “survey fatigue” and make it as easy as possible for patients to post reviews.
• Management tools will instantly intercept a potential negative review before it’s posted, and allow managers to document patient interactions seamlessly through RepuGen’s dashboard.
• Sentiment analysis tools will give you an in-depth look at patient satisfaction.
• RepuGen will connect directly with your EMR/EHS, making the entire process automated after patient data is added into your EMR/EHS.

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Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing?

A: Our pricing really revolves around how big your practice is. We typically price per provider, and provide custom pricing options when a practice has over 10 providers they’re adding into RepuGen. At additional fees, we can assist with setting up online review site profiles for each provider, as well as respond to posted reviews.

Be sure to ask us about any monthly specials we’re offering when you call us at (866) 246-7891.

Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: We have a lot of exciting features coming up, including a sentiment analysis AI. This AI will scan patient reviews and feedback to compile word clouds, charts and reports that make patient sentiment and emotion easily analyzable. You’ll understand how many patients are angry, excited, scared, confused, and more!

We’re also excited to announce that our mobile app is currently in development, which will allow RepuGen users to easily manage their reputation on the go.

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