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Reshaping Digital Banking – The Innovations Of ebankIT

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At ebankIT, we tend to see ourselves as innovators.

Over the years, we have been focused on reshaping the digital banking landscape with a disruptive, intuitive, and customer-focused omnichannel platform to enable banks and credit unions to deliver the same humanized, personalized, and accessible digital experience – on mobile, web, and voice banking, as well as whatever future technology may come next.

Enhanced with flexible and robust full omnichannel capabilities, ebankIT Digital Banking Platform offers a fast and seamless digital banking transformation. With an extensive customization capacity and a continuous focus on human interactions, ebankIT future-proves the digital strategy of banks and credit unions, empowering them with a truly customer-first approach channel.

With this in mind, ebankIT exhibited its most recent technological product: User Engagement Hub at Finovate Europe. The User Engagement Hub 2.0 helps financial institutions optimize their digital branch front office by automating simple tasks and providing an insightful client-centric performance dashboard. It also allows clients to schedule payments when temporary issues occur (ex. The core banking system is offline). The Store and Forward engine automatically suggests a new time slot for the transaction and notifies the client once the payment has gone through. With the help of this automated procedure, financial institutions can save time and resources thanks the User Engagement Hub.

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We want to bring a human connection to the daily banking lives of millions of users. Our omnichannel platform has a modular architecture that enables each financial institution to choose the solution that best suits their goals. We offer a wide range of digital tools: from artificial intelligence to machine learning, passing by voice banking and biometric authentication. Banks and credit unions can also enjoy the disruptive ebankIT Studio and implement changes without requiring additional IT support.

“At ebankIT, we understand that the future of digital banking relies on true omnichannel capabilities and increasingly engaging user experiences,” says João Lima Pinto, “We are creating an innovation hub focused on emerging topics that we deeply care about: personal financial management, account aggregation, data enrichment, and much more.”

ebankIT already has a substantial presence in Canada but this year we want to fully integrate the US market and assert our presence in the North American continent. We hired a VP of Market Development for the US market, and we are implementing a full go-to-market strategy. We’ll be present at several US events, including Money 2020 in Las Vegas and the American Banker Digital Conference in Florida.

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It is still a fairly kept secret, but we will host the second edition of the ebankIT Summit this year in November in Porto. This event will bring together industry experts, ebankIT partners and clients to discuss the future of digital banking. Different themes will be discussed such as Artificial Intelligence, Open Banking, Cybersecurity through presentations and in-depth case scenarios from digital banking experts. This is a must attend event for every financial institution that wants to stay ahead of the digital transformation wave.

Written by:
Carina Torres
ebankIT team

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