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Revolutionizing The RV Industry: The Rise Of Carbon Lite Trailers

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The idea for our company, Carbon Lite Trailers, actually came from a consulting job with one of the largest trailer companies in the nation. Their statement that “one of the biggest hurdles to overcome while selling a trailer is the fact a new tow vehicle is often also required” was the inspiration. The RV industry had already begun experimenting with composite and lighter weight materials and while many trailers were labeled “composite” and “lite”, they were not. Still primarily built like a house, with an internal wooden frame covered with siding, they are simply too large and heavy to be towed by the smaller and electric vehicles seen on the road today.

Having been in the composite manufacturing industry for 30+ years, I knew I could do better. Settling first on the classic, retro styling of the tear drop trailer, we set out next to determine the specific materials and process to use. The teardrop style served as an excellent baseline comparison for our trailer with readily available data. Our R&D efforts resulted in a patent pending process that produces super strong, extremely lightweight, fully insulated interconnecting carbon fiber panels that easily assemble, without fasteners, into a monocoque style capsule.

With a dry weight under 500 pounds, the light weight and aerodynamic design make our trailers the ideal option for consumers looking for a truly lightweight camper. With the current movement toward smaller, hybrid and electric vehicles, demand for lightweight camping platforms such as ours is projected to increase dramatically.

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Made in the USA at our new production facility, the company manufactures two models of carbon fiber teardrop trailers under the label of Rift Carbon Camper; the Utility Camper and the Adventure Wagon. The Utility Camper has a removable galley wall that allows easy conversion to a utility trailer. The Adventure Wagon has a larger frame and suspension system and is extremely popular with the overland community. Both models are fully customizable with many available options. Standard features include:

  • Timbren Suspension System
  • 3” Aluminum powder coated frame
  • Yakima rack system
  • Roof vent or fan
  • Queen size foldable mattress
  • Interior finishing
  • Customizable rear galley

A family owned and operated business, we are currently in development of a carbon fiber roof top tent. Designed specifically for use atop the Rift Carbon Camper, the tent will adapt to fit most vehicles. The tent blends perfectly with our commitment of providing high quality, unique composite products to consumers. We anticipate this product will be available by the end of 2023.

We are excited about the impact our trailers are having on the market. The use of lightweight carbon fiber and other composite materials is the future of recreational vehicle production. The industry is moving in that direction and Carbon Lite Trailers is leading the way.

Written by:
Chris Durham

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