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Roya Ghafele Of OxFirst Recognized As Top Intellectual Property Valuation Expert

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Below is our recent interview with Dr Roya Ghafele, Executive Director at OxFirst:

Q: Dr Ghafele, you have been multiple times awarded as a Top IP Valuation Expert. What differentiates your work at OxFirst from that of others?

A: The OxFirst IP valuations have systematically allowed firms to maximize their economic interests. The reason why the OxFirst IP valuations are so successful is that they communicate in a swift and simple manner why IP matters to the company. They put a monetary value on intellectual property. This turns otherwise intangible assets into a tangible business opportunity.

The valuation methods OxFirst has developed over the years offer its clients unique economic insights on their legal position in the technology space. I am not aware of any other company that has consistently been in a position to offer such instrumental insights.

As a spin out from Oxford University, OxFirst can rely on cutting edge research. OxFirst is at the forefront of latest thinking on intellectual property and can in a swift and uncomplicated manner combine business acumen with legal know-how.

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Q: Dr Ghafele, according to Global 100 OxFirst is among the Top 100 in its field. How did you achieve such strong results for OxFirst?

A: This award illustrates how highly satisfied our clients are with our services. It is an expression of their trust and the confidence they have in our services. Such a success would however been impossible without the commitment of the OxFirst team and I would also like to thank them for their dedication and hard work.

This award is however also an ample illustration of the fact the companies are increasingly keen on getting a grasp of the economic worth of intellectual property. It is only through the lens of an IP valuation that companies are in a position to fully extract value from all their assets; be they tangible or intangible in nature. I feel very privileged that the OxFirst IP valuations are a key part of this.

Q: Dr Ghafele, what is an IP valuation and what is its meaning to business?

A: An IP valuation is an economic assessment of legal rights. It is based on a thorough economic analysis of various forms of IP. It draws upon technical, legal and economic data and combines these insights in a way that they offer a firm to make ample decisions on their business strategy. An IP valuation is a central element of a business strategy. It offers quantitative insights on the value of patents as well as other forms of IP. Often it also allows to understand the effects that a litigation could have. In legal disputes it can also provide insights on the costs of an injunction and the worth of a potential damage award.

Q: Dr Ghafele, what are the various use cases for an IP valuation?

A: An IP valuation can be used to identify the worth of a licensing rate, it can also help a company get a better understanding how to optimize its IP portfolio. In particular it offers insights on what IP to hold on tightly to, what to divest and what to use for joint ventures, collaboration or further exchange. It can also help a company with insights as to how to orient its overarching business. Technology is central to most firms we work with. An economic understanding of the underlying rights to the technology allows firms to better leverage technology for their own benefit. Often, IP valuations allow start-ups and scale-ups to attract funding. After all, the IP is the only asset they have.

Q: Dr Ghafele, what role can IP valuations play in contentious work?

A: Legal disputes are decided on the merits of the case. Economic arguments can be crucial in this exercise. Often IP infringement is established, but where opinions diverge is as to the economic harm the infringement has caused. As an accredited court expert, I strive to offer unbiased insights.

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Q: Dr Ghafele, does the world need more data on the value of IP?

A: Without an economic understanding on the worth of IP companies are unable to leverage all means possible to generate and preserve business. They are reducing their business opportunities and this can mean that they lose out on their competitive edge. The economic insights provided by an IP valuation are crucial to turn IP into commercial assets. IP, being genuinely associated with R&D is mainly seen as a cost. The valuation of IP can change that and turn IP into a viable business asset.

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