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Ryan Kugler, President Of Plan B: Partnering With Us Means You Can Expect Superior Service, More results, And Maximum Value For Your Surplus Inventory!

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Below is our recent interview with Ryan Kugler, President of Plan B:

Q: What is the best way to describe The Plan B?

A: Plan B has a niche position within the marketplace, where producing companies look to unload their unwanted product and retailers look to provide customers unique offerings at competitive prices. Because we have trusted relationships with major retailers and wholesalers in the industry across the country, partnering with us means you can expect superior service, more results, and maximum value for your surplus inventory.

Q: What are some insights into your services?

A: We work with sellers to provide retailers with what they need. Other businesses utilize us as their “middle man” to find customers. We use our time, resources, and reach to find buyers for the excess product, which secures a return on the original business’ investment – we’ll buy what your company can’t sell. Our mission is to provide you with a valuable service and help your company’s bottom line. Anything and everything we purchase is bought on a one-way basis, hassle-free, with no returns. When making an offer, we always intend to buy your entire stock of that item.

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Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: Why Plan B Distribution? – We’re a family-owned and operated wholesale and liquidation company with over 25 years of experience that specializes in buying and selling excess inventory, overstock, and closeout. We at Plan B handle all of the logistics of our transactions, which saves you time and money and makes working with us a breeze.

Q: Who are your clients and what are some of the key challenges you’re helping them solve?

A: We work with retail categories such as: media, electronics, toys, health & beauty, and everything in between. We serve industries such as: home entertainment and media, consumer electronics, apparel, toys, general merchandise, and just about any other type of consumer product in the United States. Some business’ goals include removing liquidated inventory, which is especially the case for businesses that have closed or enterprises stuck with inventory that has become obsolete and has begun taking up space, so we help them by purchasing the inventory they are trying to get rid of.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: Plan B Distribution is the fastest-growing privately held wholesaler of excess inventory and overstock. Our goal is to help retailers get the maximum value for their inventory by purchasing from them unwanted, costly, or dead items. We appreciate ongoing relationships in which we purchase product on a regular basis. We are not competition, and we adhere to mutual agreements resulting in no channel conflicts.

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