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SafeWhite Delivers HaloSmile, An Innovative Teeth Whitening Technology Inspired By Nature

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HaloSmile is a peroxide-free coating that works to temporarily whiten your teeth and protect from staining. Below is our recent interview with Ray Shealy, CEO of SafeWhite, the parent company of HaloSmile:

Ray Shealy

Q: There are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market, what makes your product unique?

A: HaloSmile is a 100% peroxide-free cosmetic, making us one of a kind. Nearly all products sold in the USA today contain hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or use harsh chemicals that may cause sensitivity or erode tooth enamel. HaloSmile does not penetrate the surface of your teeth and works instantly as a cosmetic polish that does not change the permanent state of teeth or cause any sensitivity. Another unique feature of HaloSmile is our main ingredient, Hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is the calcium-based mineral that makes up about 95% of your enamel. This means HaloSmile is working with your body’s natural processes to whiten. HaloSmile binds to the enamel surface of the tooth, creating a temporary, protective white layer. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – it only takes a single 8-minute application to have white teeth.

Q: Why take a cosmetic approach to teeth whitening?

A: We understand the desire for white teeth, so we wanted to develop technology that did just that. By making a product that works instantly and allows everyone to achieve the bright smile they desire, HaloSmile is the safe way to whiten your teeth. The whitening process has already been implemented into health and beauty regimens, so why not make whitening a part of your daily cosmetic routine?! With a total application and drying process of 8 minutes, we have created a product that can easily fit into your daily beauty routine or whenever you want to look your best. HaloSmile is not meant to alter your teeth, but enhance your beauty and provide that spark of confidence that comes with a bright, white smile.

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Q: By taking a cosmetic approach, does this mean it’s a temporary polish or paint?

A: HaloSmile is different than both, but you can think of it more like a polish. Unlike paint, HaloSmile temporarily forms a bond with the surface of your teeth. This is important to withstand the forces of eating, drinking and brushing. HaloSmile technology achieves this by mimicking your body’s natural processes for protecting enamel. Our formulation creates a light & tasteless layer over the enamel surfaces of your teeth and typically lasts about a day for most people. On the other hand, if you were to try and use a paint approach for coating teeth, paint uses a solvent which typically has a chemical odor as it evaporates and then leaves a film behind. That film has difficulty adhering to the surface of teeth, let alone persisting through a normal day of eating, drinking and brushing without peeling off.

Q: Is your product patented?

A: Yes, we currently have 15 issued patents and have more in the works.

Q: How do you sell your product?

A: We currently sell exclusively online at We just finished our month-long Kickstarter campaign on November 22nd where we surpassed our funding goal in 6 hours. We ended the campaign being 250% funded and we will be live on Indiegogo starting November 27th. We are now in discussions with others to also sell professional applications of HaloSmile in spas, beauty salons and med-spas. This would allow someone to get their teeth cosmetically whitened in the same space they might be getting a blowout or their hair cut.

Q: Are there any other benefits to your product?

A: Yes, there are several other key benefits to our product. To begin with, HaloSmile provides a whitening product for the 50% of the population who experience sensitivity with peroxide-based products. Additionally, there is another portion of people that cannot whiten because they have veneers, crowns, implants, permanent stains or restorations. Another key benefit to our product is stain prevention. While wearing HaloSmile, you are not only covering those pesky stains, but you are also preventing additional stains that occur from coffee, red wine, tea, and smoke. We also believe there are a number of other benefits with our technology and approach. We plan to offer those benefits in future versions of our products.

Q: Very interesting. HaloSmile sounds like a truly innovative product. Do you have any recommendations for when people use it?

A: We like to say “Use HaloSmile whenever you want to look your best.” For some people, that is every day. For others, it may be only on the weekends. For others it may be for special events, like a night out, a wedding, or a job interview…. the options are endless!

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Q: Why have I not heard of HaloSmile?

A: The teeth whitening space is noisy since it is regulated as a cosmetic by the FDA. This means that it is very easy to create a brand and start selling whitening products in short order. HaloSmile is a new product with a new approach. We have spent 5 years innovating and developing an entirely new, peroxide-free technology platform with very little money spent on marketing. Nearly every other company does the opposite in this space – they typically private label a peroxide-based product, come up with a unique marketing twist on the product and possibly add a UV light to a peroxide kit. Then they spend all their resources on marketing and celebrity promotion. Now that we are in market and selling product, you are going to start hearing more about HaloSmile as we carefully ramp up our marketing efforts.

Q: How do you see HaloSmile growing?

A: We believe HaloSmile opens up an entirely new category of cosmetic teeth whitening. We also believe our approach is a healthy alternative and already see evidence of that with the interest we received in our recent Kickstarter campaign and the interest we now have from Asia and Europe. Restriction on peroxide use in those regions has created a vacuum for teeth whitening products that are effective. HaloSmile fills that need. Therefore, after our US market launch, we are excited to begin selling in those regions in early 2019.

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