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SalesHangry Helps You Increase Website Conversions And Sales Using The Feedback Bot

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Below is our recent interview with Filip Boksa from SalesHangry:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe SalesHangry?

A: SalesHangry is a “Feedback Bot” which we feel that we coined the term. A feedback bot is one in which a user will land on your site and engage with other users/customers by leaving their feedback, responding to other feedback, or using the reactions (emojis) that are present.

The reason we call it feedback and not reviews is because there are already review bots on the market and we feel that leaving a positive story on one’s site vs leaving a review is more powerful and will ultimately keep visitors engaged on the site for a longer period of time. Don’t get me wrong, users can also leave a review of a product or experience with the business as well. Our bot is meant to start a conversation among people who use that same service so future users can see what it’s all about all on the same page as well as see that others enjoy the website.

Q: How exactly does it work?

A: Well, you add the bot to your site and when users land on the page you can have it set to shake a few times grabbing their attention and automatically open up after a certain amount of time or just allow them to click it open. You can place one bot onto your site allowing for it to appear on all pages or just one if you want. At the same time you can also place a different bot on every single page of your site.

So let’s say you own a wallet company and you have 10 different wallets that customers can choose from and buy. You can place a different bot on all 10 pages allowing for specific conversations/feedback to be taken place about that particular wallet. You can also place the source of the feedback or review. So say you have 10 reviews on Yelp, 5 reviews on Google and 12 on Facebook you can place all of them onto one bot or all different bots and tag where it was left originally.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your pricing plans?

A: Sure! Pricing is determined based upon the amount of unique monthly visitors to your site as well as the number of bots that you need.

Each time a user comes to your website that counts as a unique visitor.

Example: if a user comes to your site, exits the browser or tab and comes back again using a new browser or tab all within 30 days that counts as 2 visits.

Q: Why does it make sense to engage buyers the moment they visit the website?

A: If you are engaging a user the moment they hit, they are more likely to stay and buy the product or service. Say you are running Facebook ads and your audience is very broad and someone clicked on it solely based on the picture you ran in the ad and didn’t even take the time to read the copy they are most likely going to bounce.

Now lets say you have your bot set to open 3 seconds after a user lands and they start reading all of this positive feedback and seeing all these previous users engaging in conversation about how great the product or service is they are more likely to stay and check out what you have. Even if they don’t buy at that time, the longer they spend on your site the more of a chance they will remember your business when it comes time to buying.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our plans are to include more options for the bots as well as introducing new features for business owners that will work on cutting the sales cycle tremendously. Our main goal and priority is to bring that sale to a business faster and more efficiently!

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