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SalesOptimize Helps Businesses To Capitalise On Their Entire Market Opportunity And Generate Revenue More Effectively

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Below is our recent interview with Isabel Hughes, Marketing Manager at SalesOptimize:

Q: Tell us more about your company and what you do?

A: SalesOptimize helps businesses to capitalise on their entire market opportunity and generate revenue more effectively. In many cases, inbound sales represent as little as 5% of a company’s available market…SalesOptimize identifies the other 95%, presenting a solution to the ongoing problem of poor quality leads being fed into CRM pipelines that disappoint sales teams and result in missed targets.

We provide market intelligence to our clients with unique web-bots and crawlers that scan the Internet in real-time to uncover valuable information about companies, which is then downloaded and converted into high quality sales data. This information includes competitor insights, titles and verified contact data of decision makers, legal & financial company information, website traffic and social media overview, and more.

Using the SalesOptimize platform, our clients can essentially ‘filter the Internet’ to identify the companies that are most suitable for them to sell to. Instead of purchasing a list of leads that has been pre-generated some time previously, as many companies do when trying to identify new business leads, the SalesOptimize platform allows clients to choose their own leads based on a search that scans the Internet in real-time and returns only the websites that are based on filtered inputs specified by them. These websites can then be previewed, and purchased only if the client agrees that it is a suitable prospect for them. Leads can either be exported straight to the client’s CRM pipeline, or downloaded as an .xlsx/.csv file.

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Q: I read something about your new products ready to be launched soon; could you tell us something more about that?

A: Yes, last October we re-launched our website to coincide with a suite of new products that were released; Pipeline Cleansing & Lead Enrichment, Email Lists, Contact Data Enrichment, and URL matching. These new services are beneficial to any company that wants to improve the overall health of their CRM pipelines, whether for upcoming marketing campaigns or lead allocation to sales teams.
So far, our clients have seen a vast improvement in the organisation of their customer data, with a 10x increase in their overall sale pipeline value.

We have also added more industries to our lead generation platform to supplement the two million existing retail websites in our system: Gambling, Travel & Hospitality, eLearning, Software, are just some of the new sectors recently launched, with more being added in the coming months. We’ve been adding new platform integrations to our web-app too; since February we’ve integrated with Hubspot and MailChimp.

Q: How do you help companies to hit their sales targets?

A: We help companies to hit their sales targets by providing them with a platform that sizes their entire market opportunity and actually identifies the right businesses for them to sell to, which dramatically increases their effectiveness in winning new customers – SalesOptimize provides companies with the right sales data they need to generate revenue, as opposed to just relying on inbound leads to convert, which as we’ve said above is difficult considering that inbound conversions can account for as little as 5% for some businesses. SalesOptimize has revolutionised outbound prospecting, transforming it into something hugely cost-effective.

We equip our customers with vital knowledge about their prospects before they reach out to them, so they know that they are speaking with the right people about the right opportunities. In fact, our very first customer, a well-known parcel shipping company, informed us that not only did they manage to close a deal within 3 months of signing up with SalesOptimize, but that the deal in question actually covered the cost of their subscription to the platform.

Q: Why SalesOptimize? What makes you the best choice?

A: First and foremost, there are very few companies in the world that do what we do; we are essentially downloading the Internet and converting it into market intelligence and lucrative revenue opportunities for businesses. That’s no easy feat! While other data companies offer similar services, none can provide such relevant and up-to-date data across several functions of a business, as well as several industries and global markets, and contact data validation the way that SalesOptimize can.

Our web-bots are also hugely innovative and custom built for clients, ensuring a bespoke service that is tailored to their specific needs. The speed at which we can innovate and develop our service offering is also a unique selling point – within the last 6 months we have introduced three new services to our clients and four brand-new industries which we can provide data for.

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Q: What can we expect from SalesOptimize in the future?

A: Using our machine learning technology we plan to build predictive algorithms to identify retailers which are enjoying high growth or likely to change service providers. We also plan to launch an email verification product, as we have developed unique technology that validates emails with a status of “Unknown” or “Accept All.” Currently, our online lead generation platform is being localised across the world.

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