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San Diego House Painting Company Chooses Organic, Sustainable Growth To Provide The Best Customer Experience

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Below is an interview with Jon Ray, owner of San Diego house painting company, PaintGreen.

Q: Please share the PaintGreen story.

A: In 2006, I was in real estate in Phoenix and beginning to see the first signs of the impending economic recession. I decided to pursue a more “recession proof” career and transitioned to residential painting. I had a background in painting, having run a franchise outlet of a large, national painting company in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

I moved to San Diego, wrote a business plan, and opened the doors to PaintGreen at the end of 2006. For the first year and a half, I was the only painter, but by 2013, PaintGreen had 35 employees. At that point, I realized that the company had grown too quickly and that we needed better infrastructure in place. I scaled things back and built a solid foundation that would sustain slower, but steady, growth. I focused on the customer experience and the quality of workmanship my team was producing.

Through all of this, PaintGreen has always been a company that is concerned about how we are affecting our environment. We are committed to providing eco-friendly painting and using business practices that reduce our environmental impact. We offer Low and No-VOC paint options, drive fuel-efficient vehicles, reuse and recycle materials whenever possible, among other things.

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Q: What makes your approach to customer service and painting homes unique?

A: I tell my painters the most important thing after safety is to make sure our clients have a good experience, then to ensure the quality of our work is good, then to work as efficiently as possible. I think most painting companies focus on the efficiency part first, and the client’s experience and quality of work are afterthoughts. My main goal on a job is to earn a client for life, along with their friends and family. I know it’s working because at the end of a job, my clients are eager to leave us a great review or refer us to others.

I keep a positive and upbeat culture in the company and treat my employees well. In turn they seem happy, perform well, and treat the clients well.

Q: Many people attempt to paint the interior or exterior of their home themselves. Why is choosing a professional company like yours a smarter choice?

A: Expert painters can perform a job much more quickly and with much better results than the typical DIYer. A professional painting company also gets better deals on paint and typically uses higher quality tools than what a DIYer would want to pay for.

Most DIYers greatly underestimate how long it will take them to make a plan, gather the needed tools and materials to prep, fill holes, caulk, prime, paint two coats and clean up—not to mention that most people will buy a cheap set of tools and throw them away when they’re done, creating more waste and expense.

A popular project for DIYers to take on right now is painting their kitchen cabinets. The DIY videos you can find online make this seem like an easy job. In reality, this is a very time-consuming project if you want to do it right, and painting kitchen cabinets with a brush or roller will always lead to disappointing results. When PaintGreen paints kitchen cabinets, we take the time to do all of the necessary prep work and then spray the cabinets with high-quality paint using a CAP or HPLV sprayer for a smooth, durable finish. Your kitchen cabinets are likely something you use every day. You want them to look great for many years. Using a professional painting company is really the only way to go to achieve this.

Q: For those who are interested in your services, please share about pricing and how they can learn more.

A: There are dozens of factors that affect house painting prices. We can give ballpark pricing virtually through pictures or a video, but we prefer to meet with clients in person so the communication is strong and we bid the project exactly as the client wants. Having this level of communication up front helps avoid misunderstandings or disappointment during the project. Virtual bids can only convey a fraction of the needed information. We offer free in-home consultations where homeowners can receive a bid and also have all of their questions answered.

For general information on pricing for San Diego house painting, homeowners can visit our pricing pages, where we offer some ballpark costs on various types of projects, including interior house painting, exterior house painting, and kitchen cabinet painting. These pages will give homeowners a good idea of how to budget for their upcoming painting project.

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Q: What are your plans for the next year or two?

A: We are adding more people to the team and focusing more intently on providing a great client experience. We are implementing new technology to organize and virtually manage the office, and we are formalizing our common practices into written standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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