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Say Goodbye To High Ink Costs and Hello To A Free Epson Supertank Printer Deal

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Frustrated by costly ink cartridges but love the idea of printing full color business reports, flyers, brochures, letters, and other documents? According to Basat Khalifa from DuraFast Label Company, you’re going to love Epson’s new WorkForce Supertank printers. Plus, he just shared how you can get one free this year. Check out our conversation below.

Q: What are Epson Supertank printers and how are they different from traditional inkjet printers?

A: Epson Supertank printers get their name from their large ink tanks. The black and colored inks are stored in these tanks rather than the traditional ink cartridges you’re likely accustomed to. Not only do the printers have a greater ink capacity, they also come with two years’ worth of ink in the box, which eliminates the frustration many business users have expressed about inkjet printers in the past.

Q: Wow, two years’ worth of ink is a lot of ink.

A: That’s right. It’s a great selling point because we’ve all been there. It seems like you just replaced an ink cartridge and suddenly it’s time to do it once again. In a business environment, ink costs quickly add up. Plus, what do you do with all those empty ink cartridges? It’s wasteful when it doesn’t have to be. With Epson Supertank office and business printers, there’s no more ink cartridges to buy or recycle. Clear ink tank windows on the front of each machine provide you with an instant read on the printer’s current ink levels. When it is time to refill the ink, you simply refill them with low-cost, mess-free, auto-stop Epson ink bottles.

Q: How does Epson calculate two years’ worth of ink?

A: It depends on the printer model. Each printer promises two years’ worth of ink based on a predetermined page volume for the printer. For example, the Epson WorkForce ST-4000 (USD $499) has enough ink to print up to 14,000 monochrome pages and 11,200 color pages over the two-year term whereas the Epson WorkForce ST-2000 (USD $299) has enough ink for printing up to 6,500 black pages and 5,200 color pages over two years.

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Q: Aside from the ink, what can you tell us about the printers?

A: Epson WorkForce Supertank printers are multifunction printers that print, copy, scan, and fax. They are powered by Epson PrecisionCore Technology, which delivers fast print speeds and outstanding, laser quality documents. Automatic duplex printing is convenient and saves paper while an automatic document feeder makes scanning multi-page documents a snap. Epson WorkForce Supertank printers include Epson Connect Solutions for mobile and remote printing, scanning to the cloud, and much more.

Q: Who is the ideal customer for an Epson Supertank printer?

A: There’s a whole family of Epson WorkForce Supertank printers, with features and pricing suitable for a wide range of user types. Entry level models like the Epson WorkForce ST-2000 (USD $299) are an affordable and capable choice for home offices and small businesses while businesses desiring faster workgroup printers with faster speeds or a higher monthly duty cycle can choose a more robust solution such as the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 (USD $899), which includes enough ink to print 20,000 black pages and 15,000 color. Many companies order multiple printers with one dedicated to each department. In fact, we’re seeing a lot of customers with HP printers replacing them with the WF-C5790 due to the low ink cost per page for color and monochrome pages. The WF-C5790 is so popular right now that it is hard to keep in stock.

Q: What kind of deals is Epson offering on Supertank printers right now?

A: Epson is running a buy three, get one free business printer deal via mail-in-rebate for purchases between April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. The way it works is the customer first buys three identical qualifying Epson Supertank printers (all on a single invoice) from DuraFast Label Company during the offer’s time period. They then complete and mail in the rebate form to Epson to claim a free printer. Once approved, Epson will ship them a fourth printer (same model as the original three) for free.

Many businesses are loving this promotion because they need printers for work-at-home employees. Printers like the ST-2000 and ST-4000 are popular choices for color printing while the ST-M1000 and ST-M3000 are popular choices for monochrome printing (black only).

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Q: That sounds like a great deal for businesses.

A: Yes, it really is. But, time is of the essence as the Epson Supertank buy three, get one free offer expires on December 31, 2020.

Q: You mentioned it’s hard to keep these printers in stock due to popularity. What kind of turnaround can people expect?

A: They may have to wait two to three weeks to get delivery due to all of the back orders we are working to fill.

Q: Which printers qualify for this offer?

A: There are seven qualifying models — four color models and three monochrome models as follows:

Epson WorkForce ST-2000 Colour MFP Supertank Printer
3-in-1 with Wireless: Print / Copy / Scan
ISO Print Speed: Black: 10.5 ISO ppm; Colour: 5.0 ISO ppm
USB, Wireless
Model: C11CG22202
Ink Included:
– 6,500 Black Pages
– 5,200 Color Pages

Epson WorkForce ST-3000 Colour MFP Supertank Printer
3-in-1 with Wireless, Ethernet & ADF: Print / Copy / Scan (No Fax)
ISO Print Speed: Black: 15 ISO ppm; Colour: 8 ISO ppm
USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Model: C11CG20202
Ink Included:
– 14,00 Black Pages
– 11,200 Color Pages

Epson WorkForce ST-4000 Colour MFP Supertank Printer
4-in-1 with Wireless, Ethernet & ADF: Print / Copy / Scan / Fax
ISO Print Speed: Black: 15 ISO ppm; Colour: 8 ISO ppm
USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Model: C11CG19202
Ink Included:
– 14,000 Black Pages
– 11,200 Color Pages

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 Network Multifunction Colour Printer with Replaceable Ink Pack System
4-in-1 with Wireless, Ethernet & PCL/PS: Print / Copy / Scan / Fax
ISO Print Speed: Black: 24 ISO ppm; Colour: 24 ISO ppm
USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Model: C11CG02201-LB
Ink Included:
– 20,000 Black Pages
– 15,000 Color Page

Epson WorkForce ST-M1000 Monochrome Supertank Printer
Print | Wireless | Ethernet | PCL1
ISO Print Speed: Black: 20 ISO ppm
USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Model: C11CG94201
Ink Included:
– 11,000 Black Pages

Epson WorkForce ST-M3000 Monochrome MFP Supertank Printer
4-in-1 with ADF, Wireless, Ethernet & PCL: Print / Copy / Scan / Fax
ISO Print Speed: Black: 20 ISO ppm
USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Model: C11CG93201
Ink Included:
– 11,000 Black Pages

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-M5799 Monochrome MFP Supertank Printer
Wireless | Print | Copy | Scan | Fax | PCL/PS
Print Speed: Up to 24 ISO ppm (black)
USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Model: C11CG04201-LB
Ink Included:
– 30,000 Black Pages

Q: Where can our readers learn more?

A: Those in Canada can read about Epson Supertank Business printers here while those in the United States can read about them here.

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