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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team – provides Sales Acceleration as a Service, Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Companies like Aviso, BillingTree, and Instana rely on ScaleX to equip SDRs and BDRs to be 10X more productive, and deliver 2-3X more pipeline and bookings.

Below is our recent interview with Chad Burmeister, Co-Founder and CEO at ScaleX:

Chad Burmeister

Q: You’ve recently launched Just-In-Time Data; could you tell us something more?

A: Just-In-Time Data solves the problem of Sales Development Representatives investing hours researching contacts by delivering Just-In-Time Data into their daily workflow, with no heavy lifting required by the sales professional. Just-In-Time Data leads to better leads, better meetings, more satisfied sales people and ultimately more bookings.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: The core ScaleX solution enables sales professionals to be 10X more productive. A typical sales professional today delivers 50 sales activities per day. After they are powered by ScaleX, they deliver 500 or more sales activities per day (including 150+ personalized emails, 250+ dials, and 100+ LinkedIn connection requests). The way ScaleX does this is through:

Personalized Selling Platform with One-Click Personalization – One-Click Personalization allows Business Development Representatives to customize emails to prospective customers with a single click of a button. What used to take 5-10 minutes, can now be completed in seconds, which allows our BDRs to deliver 100 – 200 personalized emails per day, leading to more meetings with more prospects.
One-Click Conversations – One-Click Conversations allows a BDR to push a button, and talk to a hard to reach prospect within just a few minutes. By coupling one-click conversations with one-click personalization, personalization at scale is truly possible.
One-Click Social – One-Click Social allows a BDR to set-up a LinkedIn outreach plan, push a button, and execute the plan.
Coaching as a Service – Let’s face it, most sales reps require hands-on coaching to improve their sales conversations. Yet most managers don’t have the skills or the capacity to deliver effective training. partners with Specialized Sales Systems to deliver world-class sales training, on a weekly basis, to ensure that SDRs and BDRs don’t “drift” from what is working, and to help them improve their skill set to become better sales professionals.

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Q: What type of customer would benefit the most from your service?

A: Funded Start-ups, Publicly traded technology companies, and what has surprised us recently is B2C companies who need to reach their market more effectively. A typical B2C company hires workers for $14 – $20/hour and at 10 dials/hour plus the cost of technology they invest $2-$3 per dial (fully loaded cost). After they implement ScaleX One-Click Conversations, their effective cost / per dial go down to < $1 enabling them to drive 3-4 times as many dials at the same cost, which helps them drive more attempts per lead and more conversions to deals. ScalexRecommended: Sprocket Express Delivers A Full Range Of eCommerce Fulfillment Services

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: ScaleX will continue to innovate in Sales Acceleration as a Service, powered by artificial intelligence and be on the lookout for these brands coming to market soon under the ScaleX umbrella – and If I told you any more than that, I’ve have to well, sign an MNDA with you!

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