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SECUREDATA – The World’s One-Stop Shop For All Things Data Security

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

SecureData offers a range of tailored high-level data protection solutions for businesses and personal use – storage, backup, recovery, and digital forensics.

The SecureData product line offers hardware encrypted portable data storage devices, including drives and memory sticks, that are a must to use in the regulated industries, such as the government, financial services, military, law enforcement, legal, healthcare, and education.

SecureData File Repair Software is powerful online and offline downloadable tools to repair corrupted files due to system crashes, file corruption and virus attached.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers a fast, secure source for professional data retrieval. We realize that our clients have a number of companies to choose from, and by building our reputation as a trustworthy, transparent provider, we have grown from a single facility to a network of more than two dozen offices across the United States with state-of-the-art networks and advanced security systems, including 5 cleanroom labs.

SecureBackup is an all-in-one backup solution designed by a world leader in data recovery to eliminate the possibility of data loss.

SecureData also staffs expert forensic investigators that are trained using the latest tools and techniques to preserve and analyze digital evidence.

Below is our recent interview with Mike Vanoverbeke, Product Management Director at SecureData:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SECUREDATA?

A: We started back in 2007 solely specializing in data recovery. We have received and maintained numerous certifications throughout our history to ensure we could deliver the most reliable and ethical service for our customers. In doing so, we pioneered many of the techniques commonly used today and became the leaders in the industry.

In 2011 we expanded our data security offerings by branching off into digital and computer forensics. Another part of our expansion began in 2014 when we began developing multiple data security products due to a high demand from our clients for returning their data in a secure and encrypted manner. Since encryption software has many problems including slowing down the data transfer (bottle neck) we decided to make a hardware encrypted hard drive along with a hardware encrypted flash drive that would be easy for our clients to use. Along with providing our existing data recovery services, these additional offerings help us meet the market’s demand for total data security.

Q: What kinds of products do you provide to your clients?

A: We specialize in hardware encrypted portable storage devices for industries where data protection is a must. All of our devices hard and flash drives have the highest military grade hardware encryption on the market, they are software free, and they will work on and across any computing or embedded system, meaning you can use them to save your data on with nearly any device with that has a USB port like laptops, printers, TV, etc. These devices are made to be as secure as possible with the epoxy coating for FIPS physical security. , so They stay locked and encrypted until the user authenticates using their pin/password.

Entering an incorrect password ten consecutive times will trigger the anti-hacking detection which will crypto-erase the passwords, all user data and drive formatting.

We offer the devices with two types of authentication. SecureDrive KP and SecureUSB KP are pin-authenticated via an onboard wear resistant KeyPad.

SecureDrive® BT and SecureUSB® BT are the world’s first hardware encrypted portable data storage devices that are user-authenticated via a smartphone (iOS, Android) and

Apple Watch using patented DataLock® BT technology licensed from ClevX. They are remote management ready with geo-, time-fencing, remote wipe, and unlock.

Q: Two of your products have recently been named CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honorees; could you tell us something more?

A: We could not be more thrilled to have our SecureDrive® BT and SecureUSB® BT recognized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA™) for their innovation, quality, and design.

SECUREDATA’s distinguished products were recognized in the following two categories:

· Computer Accessories Category: SecureDrive® BT Managed
· Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy Category: SecureUSB® BT Managed

Both SECUREDATA and our partners at ClevX have worked tirelessly to develop products that we feel bring great quality and functionality to the data security market, and the CES Innovation Awards give validation to our efforts.

Q: Tell us more about the DataLock® BT Technology. How does it work?

A: SecureDrive® BT and SecureUSB® BT are the first and currently only data storage devices with wireless user authentication through a DataLock® app (User, Admin, Managed). The Bluetooth® channel is used to communicate with the mobile app only; there is no access to the USB controller via Bluetooth®, and thus, no access to any user data on the drive. DataLock® app allows the User to have a visual touch smartphone experience as well as TouchID / FaceID authentication, making the user experience streamlined and modern.

Unlocking your BT drive with the DataLock® app is simple:

· Plug your SecureDrive® BT or SecureUSB® BT into your USB port (your computer/device will not recognize the BT device until it has been unlocked).

· Take out your smartphone, tablet, or wearable, and open the DataLock® app. Open the DataLock® app your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.

· Enter your 7-15 character pin/password, or Use TouchID or FaceID (Currently Apple only) to authenticate and unlock, or enter your 7-15 character pin/password.

· You are now ready to transfer use your data.!

DataLock® BT Remote Management via Web Console allows the company administrator to control who can access the data, where it can be accessed, and when it can be accessed. It also can be used to remotely wipe the data or disable access even if the user has a drive password.

Geo-fencing. User access can be limited by the administrator using any of the following options: Continent, Country, Address, City, State, or Postal Code. Once the geo-location is set, the fencing is complete by selecting the radius in kilometers/miles. This will mark the maximum distance the user can travel in order to access the drive. If the drive is lost, the geo-parameters of the smartphone, not the IP address, are used to locate the device which allows you to be as precise as a few feet.

Time-fencing limits the start/end use times in any time zone.

The locking options allow you to set up a time for Inactivity AutoLock, Step-Away AutoLock, and Read-Only mode.

Using the DataLock® app with your SecureDrive® BT or SecureUSB® BT will give you features such as

· TouchID & FaceID (Apple Only)
· User Remote Wipe
· Step-Away AutoLock
· Read Only Mode
· Inactivity AutoLock
· Anti-Hacking Protection
· Drive Reset
· Password Recovery

You can add even more security to your BT drives by using our Remote Management Web Console. Remote Management provides extra security for your drives with Dual Factor Authentication. Each user must have their own username and password in order to access the DataLock® app. Once authenticated the user must then also possess the pin to the device in order for it to unlock. Remote Management will also enable Geo-fencing and Time-fencing restrictions. In addition, User Logging, User Password Reset, Admin Remote Unlock, and Admin Remote Wipe commands are all possible with Remote Management.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our company has consistently evolved in the data security industry – data recovery, secure storage, data forensics, and more. We want to continue that growth and evolve SECUREDATA Inc. into the world’s one-stop shop for all things data security, it’s in our name.

It is impossible to have a precise vision of the future. We learn and adapt to the fast-evolving digital world and the data security needs of our customers. Our company embraces change as an opportunity to demonstrate nimbleness and agility, making way for new ideas and innovation.

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