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Self Care Catalysts – The Company Powered By Patient Intelligence And Analytics To Inform Health Care Decision-Making

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Self Care Catalysts Inc. (“SCC”) is a health solutions company powered by patient intelligence and analytics to inform health care decision-making and promote better health outcomes. Below is our recent interview with Grace Castillo-Soyao, the Founder & CEO of Self Care Catalysts:

Grace Castillo-Soyao

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Self Care Catalysts?

A: Our belief is that when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices, which result in better health outcomes. SCC developed and commercialized a mobile and desktop SaaS and Data Analytics platform comprised of the following products.

Health Storylines Creator

This disease-agnostic SaaS platform enables healthcare providers and/or clinical trial researchers the opportunity to easily create customized, personalized content, monitoring and engagement tools.

The platform can by used for the following purposes:
a) CROs, Clinical Investigators for Clinical Innovation to recruit patients, monitor and collect Patient Reported Outcomes/Real World Evidence from drug commercialization all the way to commercialization.
b) Patient Advocacy Organizations use the platforn for disease-specific patient engagement and advocacy activities.
c) Physicians and Specialists for patient monitoring and behavior modification programs.
d) Pharmacy Benefit Managers to deliver patient support tools and programs

Health Storylines is a patient-centered, customizable self – care, disease management and monitoring app for patients and caregivers.

Patient Storylines is the a decision-support enterprise Real World data, intelligence and analytics platform generated from aggregated, anonymized, and analyzed to unearth unique insights and issues directly from the patients that informs decision making of Pharmaceutical companies, Payers and Providers.

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Q: What are the main advantages of Health Storylines app? What can be tracked with it?

A: There are many health apps available to patients, however most are focused on a very narrow aspect of health – such as tracking steps, sleep, or heart rate. We recognize that your health affects your whole life, and Health Storylines was designed accordingly. Health Storylines is a single app that can be customized to each user’s needs by adding the tools they want to use from the in-app tool library.

Health Storylines allows users to track and organize aspects of their physical and mental health. It includes tools that are relevant to everyone such as daily mood, symptoms, medications, a journal, an appointment calendar, and it also includes tools that have been customized to help patients who suffer from specific conditions. For example, a migraine tracker and seizure monitor. We collaborate with patient advocacy organizations and physicians to ensure we build tools that are relevant and useful to manage health.

Q: Why is it important for patients to be informed and engaged?

A: Decisions about healthcare are complex, however far too often the path forward is decided by a physician and prescribed to the patient, with little or no input from the person who will live or die with the consequences of that decision – the patient themselves! For many medical decisions, there is more than one reasonable path forward, and when patients are informed about the choices available to them and engaged to participate in that decision, they will make decisions according to their own preferences and values – which in turn results in better outcomes. This truth is being increasingly recognized by the health system, with initiatives such as the FDA’s approach to “Patient-Focused Drug Development”, and an increasing adoption of “patient-centered care”. By helping patients gain awareness of the patterns of their own health experiences and behavior, Health Storylines engage patients with their own health so that they are equipped to participate in treatment decisions.

Q: What makes Real World Evidence platform unique?

A: Our platform is unique as it is a turn-key solution for patient monitoring. Content and tracking tools can be created in minutes without the need for an engineer or developer. The linkage between patient and provider allows remote monitoring and to understand the patient on a deeper level.

For patients, Health Storylines is a disease agnostic tool. This means that our app is appropriate for anyone to use and is completely customizable. Upon entering conditions into the patient profile, patients are automatically pushed content relevant to that therapeutic area.

The definition of RWE is any evidence collected outside the bounds of a randomized control trials – which is the current gold standard of evidence for medical decision-making. This can exist in the form of electronic health records, insurance claims data, and other data that already exists within the healthcare system. Our RWE platform is unique because it captures RWE directly from patients – which is a critical perspective to make healthcare patient-centric. Without knowing the true experiences and needs of patients, we cannot effectively improve the delivery of care, and our platform fills this gap.

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Q: What’s next for Self Care Catalysts? Do you have plans to grow, expand or diversify?

A: Self Care Catalysts embarks in building a new business model where patients take active participation in driving health care; where participation in clinical research, patient engagement and data analytics are fully integrated to change the way that healthcare is delivered and consumed. We’re taking a physician, provider, health system health care business model into a patient – centered model where real world patient experience and evidence become part of the gold standard for care and decision-making.

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