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Simplaex Is Leading The Next Mobile Wave In Transforming Data Into Insights And Insights Into Action

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Simplaex, experts in marketing mobile games, has recently closed its successful A-round funding. The Berlin-based company will use the capital to expand into new verticals and deliver its proprietary technology to a broader customer base. To this end, Simplaex is positioning itself as the most advanced data insight & activation platform. Below is our recent interview with Jeff van Ede, Co Founder & CEO of Simplaex:


Q: How would you describe Simplaex in your own words?

A: In three key words: no-nonsense, high-tech and transparent. On these three pillars, we have built a successful value proposition for advertisers who are seeking a competitive advantage driven by a better understanding of their customers. Using Simplaex’s technology, app developers, brands and marketing agencies can follow a consumer’s digital footprint in real-time.

By extracting data meaningfully and instantly acting on it, companies can be more targeted and drive richer customer interactions.

Q: You’ve recently successfully closed your A funding round; tell us something more?

A: Even though digital advertising has been around for a couple of decades, it’s far from mature. Many corners of the landscape still resemble the Wild West. False promises, fraud and inflating prices are a significant concern. For Simplaex this volatile ecosystem was the perfect soil to drive disruptive change and to bring something new to the table. This has not only been recognized by an increasing number of clients but also our German investors: Target Partners GmbH and High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH and a private Investor.

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Q: What’s Simplaex’s story? How did Simplaex start?

A: Many of us at Simplaex, including my co-founder and CTO Moti Tal and myself, previously worked in the affiliate marketing sector with specific emphasis on online and mobile games. It didn’t take us long to understand that the requirements of the advertisers were progressively exceeding the capabilities of this business model. Gaming is by far the most competitive vertical and the first to push the boundaries of performance marketing. In early 2015 Moti and I interviewed our top 50 customers to map their most crucial challenges and in early 2016 we launched a brand-new platform to tackle these challenges and turn them into sustainable solutions.

Q: What makes Simplaex a good choice? Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: Simplaex stands out when it comes to re-engaging users. Simplaex’ data technology captures the unique habits of your customer segments, enabling you to react to usage trends on time to keep the momentum of your customer’s engagement. After behavioral segmentation, right person, and real-time tracking, right time, it then comes down to relevancy, right content. The platform offers a full suite of personalization options giving each advertisement a unique touch. This real-time re-engagement engine was the first product of Simplaex in 2016 and helped us to get a firm seat in the fast-growing programmatic advertising industry.

In mid-2016 we launched our renowned marketplace. An open platform where advertisers have access to user profiles based on first-party data. Simplaex customers have all the data they need to quickly build their audience, reaching those users most likely to engage with their brand or app. The ability to target identifiable users according to a full set of profile characteristics has been a hit since day one and within one year after opening the marketplace we already have more than 300 million unique user profiles.

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Q: What can we expect from you in the next six months?

A: A new data insight module will be added which will be an absolute eye-opener for any marketer when it comes to understanding their customers. The module will provide a 360-degree view of their users, reflecting both in-app and out-of-app behavior. This also results in the ability to reflect on your direct competitors.

This module will of course be connected to the re-engagement engine and marketplace to be able to transform these insights into action. But that’s not all. Since the volume of data points has become unmanageable for any human being, we have developed machine-learning activation. In other words, the platform’s data technology will make precise calculations which action to take to what user at what specific point in time to either keep the user engaged or to re-engage the user back into the app.

Besides those two modules, there is a lot in the pipeline.

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