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Skokie – Revolutionizing AI Adoption For Self Service BI & Data Analytics Teams By Connecting Technology To Business Outcomes

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Caninsoft Inc is a relatively young Canadian startup with a team of curious and diverse technology enthusiasts working to create innovative digital experiences for customers. They recently launched their product Skokie, a user centric collaborative platform for business and technology teams to understand each others processes and work together towards process optimization.

Below is our recent interview with Sriram Ramaswamy, Co-Founder at Caninsoft Inc:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Skokie?

A: Skokie is a mobile friendly solution to help BI and Data analytics teams understand, track and improve their business process by providing visibility to the journey of their data. Organizations lack a simple and effective platform that bridges the gaps between technology and business teams. Skokie provides a user centric digital platform that connects technology to business outcomes thereby helping every user understand, track and improve processes that matters to them.

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Q: What problem are you solving with Skokie?

A: Todays world of Self service BI & Analytics empowers almost anyone to create relevant dashboards and share it with their teams for decision making. But we believe that this empowerment is partial if the creators of this information do not have visibility into the journey of their data.

A classic example we have seen is a teams using softwares like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to analyze their financial data but not realizing that one of the forex processes did not run for the last 5 days! This exposes them to risks of reporting outdated information to stakeholders which can lead to irrevocable consequences and damages to the organization.

“Founders of Caninsoft Inc (L to R) : Mukkaram Syed, Shoueb Sakvai and Sriram Ramaswamy”

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Q: How does it work?

A: Skokie is a collaborative platform for business and technology teams to understand each others processes. With a user centric design, it helps each user understand their data driven processes in a simple and contextual format. An expense analyst needs to track a completely different data process as compared to a planning and budgeting analyst.

With Skokie, any user can easily build their contextual watchlist of jobs that matter to them and know exactly when it ran, how long it took, if there is anything still running in progress etc.,so that they are ready to do their self serve analysis without being unnecessarily dependant on other teams for status information.

But that’s just the beginning, With the right context, you can now easily understand which of your business activities are impacted due to failures, thereby saving you time, money and letting you focus where it matters the most.

Q: Can you give us insights into its features?

A: Skokie is built with a responsive design that can be used on web and mobile devices connecting you with information anywhere anytime. Some of the key features are:

-Smart Notifications: Get a call immediately when your jobs fails or if it just did not run as scheduled.
-Contextual Watchlist: helping each user track the the activities that matters to them.
-Overview: Consolidated list of all the activity for both business and technology teams to understand.
-DocuMentor: A visual representation of their end to end process workflow.

Upcoming features:

-Quick Impact assessment to facilitate effective Change Management across your teams.
-AI driven insights that are relevant to each user and their tasks.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Skokie that people might not know about?

A: Everybody is in a race to adopt AI into their technology stack. But there is so much ambiguity and noise in understanding their current processes that AI adoption without a clear strategy is only going to amplify this noise.

With Skokie, users will be able to quickly understand their processes both from a business and technology context. With this clarity, AI adoption becomes more engaging, measurable and meaningful for the organization with a focus driven approach that will give them a much greater return on investment.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: As a startup, we aim to work with Small and Medium enterprises to help them with their BI, analytics and AI adoption journey. We have collaborated with local universities and their AI Hubs and will be looking for strategic partnerships to reach more organizations and wider geographies.

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