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SlamData – Building A Visual Analytics Solution For Modern NoSQL Data

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Boulder-based SlamData has recently announced a $3.6 Million seed round led by True Ventures to accelerate growth. Below is our interview with Jeff Carr, Co-Founder and CEO of SlamData:


Q: You’ve recently announced $3.6 Million in new funding, tell us something more?

A: Our recent funding will be used to expand the team, deliver SlamData Enterprise, our enterprise ready version of the solution designed to enable quick integration with larger companies existing infrastructure. We will also add support for additional data sources including Elastic, Redis, and Spark.

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Q: What are main advantages of the SlamData open source project?

A: SlamData is the only solution that allows users to natively perform analytics on messy, heterogenous NoSQL data without requiring the data be transformed or exported to other locations. This allows users to build fully functional reports and dashboards in minutes with no coding required.

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Q: What were the main challenges you faced in developing the SlamData open source project?

A: SlamData has pioneered an entirely new paradigm for modern analytics. Built on MRA (Multi-dimensional relational Algebra) “Murray” is the powerful mathematical foundation that makes generalized analytics across heterogeneous NoSQL data possible. SlamData also provides a novel way of dealing with the schema-less nature of NoSQL data. Both of these are key aspects of SlamData and required significant innovation to solve. Innovations nobody else has achieved.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our current plans are to deliver SlamData Enterprise edition by end of 2015, and add at least 2 new datasources in the next 12 months. To achieve this we are expanding our engineering and user success teams. Longer term, SlamData will be the default solution for native NoSQL analytics across all well adopted NoSQL data stores.

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