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Slemma – Affordable Data Visualization Tool For Small And Medium Sized Companies

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Slemma is a browser-based, data visualization tool that focuses on providing powerful business analytics capability to small and medium sized companies. Slemma doesn’t require any coding knowledge and offers the ability to directly connect to different third party solutions and create intelligence dashboards that automatically refresh. Below is our interview with Matt Mulholland from Slemma:

Q: What is Slemma? What are your key features?

A: Slemma is a data visualization tool that focuses on providing powerful business analytics capability to small and medium sized companies. The tool, with the anticipation that non-devs would be using it the most, does not require any coding. Combine that with our dedication to an intuitive interface and you get the perfect analytics tool for businesses that can’t afford data scientists. Our key features are the abilities to create, and share intelligence dashboards that automatically refresh. We can connect to an ever-growing list of databases and third party solutions directly without the need for a warehouse.

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Q: What advantage does Slemma have over its competitors?

A: Our first advantage is that we can offer our product at a lower rate than our competitors. By being a purely cloud solution and catering our service to small businesses, we can out-price them for our market. Secondly, our interface is built off of Google’s Material Design. This gives us a distinct advantage because we are building our tool around a layout that millions of users are already accustomed to. Finally, our platform does not require any coding knowledge. This increases the accessibility of our tool by a huge measure.

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Q: You’ve recently released a new connector to Slack, tell us something more?

A: The new connector to Slack is something that we are really excited about. We love Slack and use it every day to communicate very easily and efficiently. Because Slack is so easy to integrate into a huge variety of systems, companies (us included) have an equally huge variety in the types of information they have running through it! So this encouraged us to create the connector. Companies like us who have many data streams running through the messenger can now visualize the trends without paying for as many solutions normally required for such an endeavor. The setup time is greatly reduced as well.

Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing plans?

A: We are currently offering a team plan for $29/user/month with every reader user only $5/user/month! For small and medium sized companies, this price cannot be beat!


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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Slemma?

A: As for convincing the readers to give us a shot, all I can say is that the eggs are in the pudding. :) Once you try our interface you will never be satisfied with the clunky and archaic presentations of our competitors. No one has wrapped their product in Google Material Design which means no other tool will have such a head start in user learning as we do. When the user jumps into Slemma, they will immediately feel at home and when they create their first chart, they will immediately imagine the possibilities they can accomplish with us.

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