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Smart Homz Partners With Builders To Provide Their Clients With Home Automation And Technology Offerings During Construction Process

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Trying to keep up with technology can be overwhelming for consumers. Smart Homz Founder, Dave LaMere, saw this challenge as an opportunity, and in 2017 launched a home technology installation and consulting business focused on helping consumers navigate the home technology landscape. In addition to helping consumers, Smart Homz partners with builders and developers to provide their clients with home automation and technology offerings during the design and construction process. Without the proper cable infrastructure in place, a home automation system will not perform as effectively as it should. Pre-wiring is essential and should take place during the second stage of the build, just before the walls go up – this lays the foundation for installing the equipment in the final stages of the build.

If a homeowner is considering any of the following for their new home, pre-wiring should be part of the build process.

  • Security and surveillance that can be remotely monitored and controlled
  • Voice command for heating and cooling systems, lights and locks
  • Energy efficient lighting, appliances, fixtures & water consumption monitoring
  • Integrated music, video and internet connectivity
  • Motorized shades

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Oftentimes low voltage wiring gets overlooked in the design phase of a remodel or new construction project and there is a common misconception that everything should be wireless. Today more than ever, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The more devices installed in your home, the more important it becomes to have a hard wired infrastructure to support the demands of wireless and hardwired products. Wired connections allow for faster delivery of information where wireless simply cannot compete.

Directly connected cables minimize the potential of interrupted service and ensure a homeowner will always be able to integrate upgrades as technology evolves. Statistics show that with the increasing popularity and high demand of the Internet of Things (IoT), people are looking to smart homes to make their lives more convenient and lessen the amount of things that they have to worry about around the house. Smart home technology provides increased comfort, security, convenience, and can provide a future cost savings to the homeowner. Statistics show that:

  • 57% of Americans say that having smart products in their home saves them about 30 minutes per day, that’s 182.5 hours a year, or roughly a week and a half.
  • On average, homeowners can receive up to a 20% reduction on home insurance coverage by installing monitored safety devices and smart security systems.
  • According to PolicyAdvice, smart heating and cooling systems can save smart home users 50% in energy use through properly monitoring and effectively controlling usage.

Smart home technology is a must have feature that homebuyers expect. Builders, like Jeff Kaliner, Owner of Oasis Builders, recognized this trend. “With the growing demand of smart home automation, Oasis Property Group incorporates prewiring for smart home capabilities into all of its builds. It has been our experience that it’s not whether or not our clients want smart home capabilities in their homes, it’s how much do they want? This technology has become so popular that we feature smart home automation and equipment in our showroom to assist our clients in the decision making process. Partnering with experts in the industry, like Smart Homz, allows us to pool our resources and build a knowledge base that becomes an integral resource for our clients.”

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Peter Goodwin, a client of Oasis Builders and Smart Homz, was asked about his experience while working with Smart Homz and Oasis Property Group during the construction of his home. “As a Management and Investment Professional, because of COVID 19, I had to remotely manage Board of Director meetings, investment meetings, and conferences. I utilized my home office to simulcast to audiences of thousands. I could not be more impressed with the reliability and performance of my wired network that was installed and continues to be managed by Smart Homz.”

In short, whether you have a client in the process of building a new home or are undergoing a home renovation, the question isn’t, should I use a technology solutions company? The question is, which technology solutions company should I use? By working with an experienced and reputable technology solutions expert, like Smart Homz, you can be assured that all future technology plans are accounted for while avoiding the costs and frustrations involved with retrofitting.

Written by Smart Homz team

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