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Snakt’s Social Video Platform Helps You Watch, Create, Remix & Reply To Viral Videos From The Internet’s Biggest Stars

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Snakt is the company behind the innovative mobile video platform that makes it easy to watch, create, and remix some of the most creative videos on the Internet. Anyone can use Snakt to create — shoot and post a clip, reply to any other video, mash up multiple videos, or just watch and enjoy videos from the Internet’s biggest stars. Below is our recent interview with Tristan Snell, co-founder and COO of Snakt:

Tristan Snell

Q: What is Snakt?

A: Snakt is a social video platform that creates the first ever video-to-video community. It lets users remix or reply to any video from anyone. Anyone can use Snakt to make a video — replying to any other video on the site, mashing up multiple videos, mixing in GIFs, or creating a collaborative video with friends and family. It allows users to create multi-clip and multi-player videos in minutes rather than hours.

Users can be individuals looking to try something creative for fun, creators looking to connect and engage with their fans, or friends and families looking for ways to make better stories and videos capturing their favorite experiences.

Snakt is available in the App iOS Store for free and you can start creating instantly — plus watch hundreds of the most talented video makers on the internet, from Lele Pons to Justin Bieber to Bart Baker.

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Q: What is unique about Snakt and how does it stand out from competition?

A: What makes Snakt truly unique is that we’ve turned video from a single-player broadcast into a multi-player conversation. We simplified how users can vlog, reply and remix, making it easier to produce content and engage with friends, plus collab with other creators. With Snakt the possibilities are endless.

Some of the coolest features for users are:

– Reply – Leave a video reply for one of your favorite stars with just the tap of a button. They might respond to you, or include your video in their next post.

– Remix – See a clip you love? Just swipe or tap “Add to Stack” to add it to your video. You don’t need to ask permission or remember to give credit: it’s all automatic.

– Reimagine – Make a video with your friends in seconds. Post a Q&A for your fans to respond to. Share your story with a vlog. Watch and reply to others, all in video. We turn a 2 hour project into a 10 minute game.

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Q: What’s the coolest use of Snakt you’ve seen?

A: We just wrapped up a cool project that we worked on with Flo Rida and Tricia Miranda called #CakeChallenge. #CakeChallenge was a chance for fans to get creative and submit their own choreography via Snakt for Flo Rida and Tricia Miranda to view and include in the official fan video for his recent single, “Cake”. We received a ton of eight count dance videos of fans dancing to “Cake”, which made for a really awesome fan video that we released in early March.

We also just kicked off BEST VINES EVER with Tubefilter, which is an awesome campaign to bring back the amazing community of Vine creators and fans. To date, over 400 creators have submitted more than 150,000 Vines, including from Justin Bieber, the NBA, Turner Sports, King Bach, Lele Pons, Logan Paul, GotDamnZo and many more. Through BEST VINES EVER, fans can view and vote for their favorite Vine content, and the winners will be announced at an exclusive event this spring. Our Best Vines Ever contest is a way to celebrate a whole community that thought they lost a platform that they truly connected with up until when Vine died – and we are giving fans a chance to vote on their favorites.

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Q: What are your plans for next 12 months?

A: Our mission remains the same: empowering creators and allowing anyone to be a creator. We have some awesome new features in the pipeline that will let users add even more to their videos. We also are working on what we believe will be a game-changing system of fan crowdfunding, right in the app. Fans will earn coins by being active on Snakt, and fans can give those coins to anyone else, including their favorite content creators, who will be able to exchange coins for money if they are verified. Snakt also offers creators an additional revenue stream right when many are facing declining views and advertising revenue.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Snakt?

A: For any fans of Vine, this is an easy call: we are bringing back all the Vines and Vine creators that you loved to celebrate the Vine community and re-live the phenomenal content that was created during Vine’s existence. Only on Snakt can you watch over 150,000 of your favorite Vines including over 400 top creators in all their auto-playing, looping glory, back in a mobile social app! And you can vote for your favorite videos to be included in the BEST VINES EVER.

Basketball fans also now have unlimited access to the full archive of NBA Vines from the past 4 years, with over 5,300 spectacular highlight clips to watch and vote on.

Here at Snakt we want to empower users to not only create their own content, but also to interact with other people’s content and collaborate with other creators in a new and creative way. Plus, it’s pretty fun…

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