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Snupps Raises $4.75 Million To Refine The Product And Make It Even Easier To Use

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Snupps helps people organize and socialize around the stuff they own and love. The company recently raised $4.75 Million to make it even easier to upload, curate, share and sell items using their app. Below is our interview with Arthur Holcombe, Managing Director at Snupps:


Q: What is Snupps? Could you tell us Snupps’s startup story?

A: Snupps is a simple way to organize, socialize and transact around the stuff you own and love, accessible for free on iOS, Android, and the Web. You can keep track of what you own on virtual ‘shelves’, share your stuff and get feedback from others. Snupps also allows you to connect with other like minded people, finding inspiration amongst their collections and discovering new and exciting products.

Snupps co-founder Mac Anabtawi came up with the idea for Snupps in response to a problem he faced as a collector, namely how to keep track of all his things in one place and to easily connect with people with similar passions. Having started collecting from a young age, initially lego, pokemon cards and video games, Mac later moved on to collecting sneakers. He engaged, shared info, and transacted with other sneaker collectors across a range of digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Kik and eBay, however, there was no single platform where he could store all his stuff while interacting with other collectors. He designed a prototype for Snupps and hooked up with his father Sari Anabtawi to raise $5M from an intrigued early stage investor named Amr Zedan. They then assembled a core team of designers and engineers and set up an office based out of a converted West London Victorian home. Since inception the focus of Snupps has been to make organizing easy and rewarding by investing in superior UX and easy social interaction.

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Q: For whom is Snupps? Who are the majority of your users?

A: Snupps is for anyone who owns stuff they love and value. Snupps attracts people who seek to remain organized, are crazy about fashion, track personal inventory, need inspiration on purchases, and want to efficiently sell stuff. A sizable number of users are fashion conscious collectors, but Snupps carters to 24 collector communities with all types of interests. An unexpected surprise has been the growth in nail art enthusiasts on Snupps, who as a group add an average of 30 items per users.

Snupps users are young, 80% under the age of 30, which fits with the current millennial trend of social sharing and discovering content online. While the Snupps experience is social, 15% of users remain completely private, using Snupps to manage personal inventories.

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Q: Could you please give us more insights into Snupps’s functionality?

A: Snupps allows users to organize, share and sell their personal possessions. Items are stored on virtual shelves which can be kept private or made public. Up to 12 images can be added to each item created. Users can add a title, description, rating and other classification fields. Virtual shelves can be assigned to one of 24 user interest groups where collectors and hobbyists share and discover possessions of interest. Users can ‘wow’ and comment on items, and follow or direct message other users. The items placed in interest groups are algorithmically ranked based on user engagement. The more ‘wows’ and comments an item gets the more likely it is to trend, increasing its visibility within the app.

Q: Snupps has recently announced a $4.75 seed; what’s your next step?

A: Snupps will continue to refine the product with the aim to make it even easier for users to upload, curate, share and sell items. Snupps is working on some new and exciting product features, including the experimentation of image recognition technology and the predictive matching of user content with other relevant users.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Snupps?

A: Do you have stuff you love and need help keeping track of? Do you collect stuff, and want to find other people like you to connect with? Do you own things of value that you would like to sell? Do you check word-of-mouth reviews provided by others when making purchasing decisions? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Snupps maybe the app for you.

Our mission is simply to help people organize, socialize and transact around the stuff they own and love. Whether you are a social or private collector of stuff, and whatever your objective may be, there is something for everyone on Snupps (and it’s free)!

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