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Social Media App Tuurnt Announces Release Of Its New Android App

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Tuurnt is a young social media platform that aims to make people closer to each other and more social. Tuurnt brings the unique way of participating to your friends’ photo and video stories, by attaching your stuff, which will create a stream of media fun. Below is our interview with Fabrice Mishiki, CEO of Tuurnt:


Q: Fabrice, could you give us more insights into Tuurnt’s functionality?

A: With Tuurnt you can like, comment, share and chat like other social media but we added a the reply feature which gives the user a whole new experience. Tuurnt is the only social media app that make you feel social, with the new reply feature you can directly reply to someones photo or video with a photo or video and form what we call a Tuurnt.

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Q: What is Tuurnt’s startup story?

A: I am the only Founder and CEO of Tuurnt, I had the idea to create a turn up app at a friend party when I saw everyone recording videos from different plattform but at the same place I’ve asked myself why can’t we just reply to each other with our own video and form a video sequence.

Q: What are the main benefits of using Tuurnt? How is it different than existing platforms?

A: Tuurnt wants to solve a major problem that social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram have which is that you are only watching other peoples life without being part of it. You watch your friends and family photos or videos, you like, comment and share but is it really social if you are just viewing other peoples life? With Tuurnt we take it to another level by introducing the reply feature in which we let you reply directly to someones photo or video with your own photo or video and anyone can come and reply too. So instead of watching your friends IG stories or Snapchat stories, with Tuurnt we let you be part of that story just one reply away!

Q: What was the most challenging part of starting your company?

A: The most challenging part of starting your own business is to believe in something that no one sees yet and invest your own money in it before expecting someone to do so.

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Q: Do you have some advice for future entrepreneurs?

A: Perseverance and courage, because nothing comes easy, you will have to fight for everthing.

Q: How does the future look like for Tuurnt?

A: The future looks bright for Tuurnt since we are gaining more and more users and will be available on Android in 2-3 days.

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