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SoGoSurvey Delivers An All-In-One Surveying Solution For Gathering Deep Employee And Customer Insights

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While there’s no shortage of options in the online survey space, SoGoSurvey was founded to provide professional-grade power at a price people can afford. The future belongs to those who know their data, and SoGoSurvey wants to empower everyone to learn what they need to know. Below is our recent interview with Lauren Franco, Senior Marketing Manager at SoGoSurvey:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SoGoSurvey?

A: Our offering combines our technology and research expertise to offer products and services that allow both beginners and experts to collect deep insight from their audiences in order to plan what’s next. With our comprehensive platform, users across industries and around the world can create professional online surveys, forms, polls, and quizzes.

Q: What makes your platform the best choice?

A: In our space and across the tech world, we’ve noticed that many of the tools on the market seem to demonstrate a philosophy that more features means a better product. To us, customers matter more.

We’re definitely proud of our innovative features, but we’ve learned from our users that solutions matter most – not more fluff. Companies want to drill down on the customer experience, fully understanding every critical touchpoint in the customer journey. Organizations want to measure employee engagement to improve retention and plan effective personal and professional development programs. From academics to business, everyone has a problem to be solved, and they need data to do it.

It’s this responsiveness to customer feedback that makes the difference in our platform. Our interface and features are intuitive. Our survey bank is fully stocked with complete templates for a wide range of purposes and industries. Plus, taking it to the next level, our new Customer Experience solution is a direct outgrowth of our recognition of the importance of every customer.

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Q: What kind of solutions do you provide to your customers?

A: Focusing in on Customer Experience, we launched SoGoSurvey CX to address one of the biggest need areas everyone is facing: how to keep customers happy! Simply asking random questions in ad hoc surveys and questionnaires doesn’t help – the result is ad hoc results and reports. The systematic approach we’ve employed allows companies to measure and track key metrics like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Effort Score, resulting in a better understanding of customers and trends. A comprehensive dashboard shares the big picture, and users can drill down to analyze results from every angle. Whether it’s immediate follow-up or strategic long-term decisions, the data users gather within SoGoSurvey CX leads directly to action, and at a price point that’s a fraction of what competitors ask.

Q: Who are the primary clients of SoGoSurvey?

A: Worldwide, we have clients from every industry, from students completing thesis research to healthcare companies collecting patient feedback. While we’re proud to be trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, we’re also happy to count among our clients numerous non-profit and academic institutions. To support their research and good work, we offer discounts to students, non-profits, and academic institutions, and we’re glad to be associated with their service and discoveries.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re excited to continue our growth in specialized solutions, moving from customer experience to employee engagement and beyond. Helping our customers develop fully realized strategic data collection plans to address their biggest issues is simplified with such specialized solutions, and we’re looking forward to the deeper understanding users will gain in their need areas.

Of course, we’ll keep building our expertise and watching the markets, but the insights that matter most will continue to come from our customers. Our customers have chosen us over all of our competitors, and we strive to return that trust and partnership by enabling them to easily collect and understand their data, put their results to work, and stand out as professionals in the data-driven future.

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