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Solutions by Text Leads In Compliant Messaging And Payments With $110 Million Funding Round

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Solutions by Text secures a $110 million growth round to expand its compliance-first messaging and payment solutions. The company aims to enhance its FinText™ platform, leveraging new investments to drive innovation and growth. This funding highlights investor confidence in SBT’s vision and market potential.

Revolutionizing Financial Communication

Solutions by Text (SBT) has established itself as a leader in the FinText™ industry, providing compliance-first messaging and payment solutions. The company recently secured a $110 million growth round, co-led by Edison Partners and StepStone Group. This substantial investment underscores SBT’s innovative approach to financial communication and its significant role in the industry.

The Power of Compliant Messaging

Compliance in financial communication is critical due to the stringent regulatory environment. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties and damage to reputation. Solutions by Text addresses these challenges by offering a platform designed with compliance at its core, ensuring that all communications meet regulatory standards. This approach not only mitigates legal risks but also enhances customer trust and engagement, as consumers feel more secure interacting through compliant channels.

SBT’s unique compliance-forward platform sets it apart in the industry. The company’s robust compliance mechanisms, including real-time monitoring and adaptable message templates, ensure that financial institutions can communicate effectively without risking violations. This capability is particularly valuable in a sector where regulatory scrutiny is intense and evolving.

Customer trust is a significant benefit of SBT’s compliance-first approach. By guaranteeing that all messages adhere to regulations, SBT helps financial institutions build stronger relationships with their clients. This trust translates into higher engagement rates, as consumers are more likely to respond to messages they perceive as secure and legitimate.

Driving Growth with Strategic Investments

The recent $110 million funding round is a testament to the confidence investors have in Solutions by Text. Edison Partners and StepStone Group, both renowned for their expertise in growth equity and private markets, co-led this substantial investment. Their involvement signals a strong belief in SBT’s potential for continued growth and innovation.

Since Edison Partners’ initial investment in November 2021, SBT’s bookings and revenue have tripled. This growth reflects the effectiveness of SBT’s solutions in the market. The new funding will enable SBT to accelerate its expansion plans, focusing on enhancing its platform, increasing its customer base, and exploring new technological advancements.

Future growth plans for Solutions by Text include expanding its capabilities in artificial intelligence and payments, as well as pursuing inorganic growth opportunities. This strategic approach aims to solidify SBT’s position as a leader in the financial communication space and drive further market penetration.

Transforming Consumer Finance with FinText™

The FinText™ platform is at the heart of Solutions by Text’s success. This comprehensive solution integrates messaging, payments, reporting, and compliance into a single platform, tailored for the consumer finance industry. FinText™ enables financial institutions to engage with their customers more effectively, driving better results across various touchpoints in the consumer lifecycle.

Success stories from SBT’s clients highlight the tangible benefits of the FinText™ platform. Financial institutions have reported significant improvements in engagement rates, on-time payments, and overall customer satisfaction. These outcomes are achieved through the platform’s ability to deliver timely, relevant, and compliant messages that resonate with consumers.

The market potential for text-based communication and payment solutions is immense. As consumers increasingly prefer texting over other forms of communication, financial institutions that leverage this channel can gain a competitive edge. Solutions by Text is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, offering tools that not only meet but exceed industry standards for compliance and effectiveness.

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Innovations in Payment Solutions

Solutions by Text offers innovative payment solutions such as TextPay and SmartURL®, which seamlessly integrate into the FinText™ platform. These tools provide a secure and efficient way for consumers to make payments directly through text messages, enhancing the overall user experience.

Consumer preferences increasingly lean towards text-based communications. Studies show that 90% of consumers prefer text over other communication forms, with the majority reading messages within minutes. Despite this preference, only a small percentage of consumers have the opportunity to make payments via text, highlighting a significant market gap that SBT aims to fill.

Solutions by Text bridges the gap between consumer preferences and regulatory requirements. The company’s payment solutions are designed to comply with strict financial regulations, ensuring secure and legal transactions. This compliance reduces the risk for financial institutions and increases consumer confidence in using text-based payment methods.

Strengthening Industry Partnerships

Edison Partners and StepStone Group play crucial roles in SBT’s growth. Edison Partners, with its extensive experience in growth equity, has been instrumental in SBT’s expansion since their initial investment. StepStone Group, a global private markets investment firm, brings additional expertise and resources to support SBT’s continued development.

Collaborations and technology integrations are key components of SBT’s strategy. The company partners with leading financial institutions and technology providers to enhance its platform’s capabilities. These partnerships enable SBT to offer a comprehensive and robust solution that meets the diverse needs of its clients.

Challenges and Opportunities in Text Messaging

The financial messaging sector faces numerous regulatory challenges. Compliance with regulations such as TCPA and FDCPA is essential to avoid legal penalties and ensure the security of consumer data. Solutions by Text addresses these challenges through its compliance-first platform, which continuously adapts to regulatory changes and industry standards.

Opportunities for expansion in the text messaging market are significant. As more financial institutions recognize the benefits of text-based communication, the demand for compliant and effective messaging solutions will continue to grow. SBT is well-positioned to meet this demand, leveraging its expertise and innovative platform to drive further market penetration.

The Future of Financial Communication

Solutions by Text envisions a future where compliant messaging and payment solutions are integral to the financial industry. The recent $110 million funding round will enable the company to accelerate its growth, enhance its platform, and explore new technological advancements. This investment underscores the confidence that investors have in SBT’s vision and potential.

The anticipated impact of this funding on SBT’s growth is substantial. With increased resources, the company plans to expand its capabilities in artificial intelligence and payments, offering even more robust solutions to its clients. This expansion will further solidify SBT’s position as a leader in the financial communication space.

Looking ahead, Solutions by Text aims to continue innovating and expanding its platform to meet the evolving needs of the financial industry. By maintaining a focus on compliance, customer engagement, and technological advancement, SBT is set to drive significant change in the way financial institutions communicate and transact with their customers.

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