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Spincard – A Better Way To Get Connected

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Spincard app gives you a better way to get connected with people you just met. Share your 6 character SPIN and they will instantly get a snapshot profile of your contact information and social profiles. Below is recent interview with Nick Frostick, Co-founder & CEO of NetworkU startup behind Spincard app.


Q: Could you tell us your story and something more about Spincard?

A: Yes, Spincard is a rather unique story in itself. One of the co-founders and myself actually had a situation where I wrote his phone number down wrong when we first met. All I had was a wrong phone number, a first name and a group email. Eventually I was able to find him to reach out. So with Spincard, we created a digital business card app that gives our users the ability to easily and efficiently share 100% real time, correct contact information simply by punching in another users 6 digit code to get their Spincard. Each user also has the ability to share their card, and other user’s cards with people using AirDrop, text message, email, and social media. This function can be used to refer people to others who may be interested in something they specialize in. Spincard gives its users the ability to build a personal brand by using Spintags. By allowing a full screen photo on the front of the card, once shared, people will not forget who you are. They will have your phone number, email address, any personal website you wish to drive traffic to, and direct links to social profiles which assists everyone in reaching out further. With this information being completely subjective to the users, Spincard allows you to share which information you want. We believe in efficiency and sustainability, and Spincard captures both of those aspects along with so much more.


Q: How big your team is? How would you present it?

A: Our team has 5 very ambitious people on it. We really hit the ground running with this project and our efforts and actions have been positive. We have a very good cross-functional team of technology and business. Our team is looking to present Spincard at various events, conferences, and meet-ups in the Detroit and Grand Rapids area that we think gives us the greatest ability to receive awareness.

Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities or VC funding?

A: Yes, partnership opportunities and VC funding are two things we are interested in. In order to increase our Marketing efforts, partnerships and funding will help us reach those goals. VC funding will also assist the development team with focusing more on the Spincard application and other potential helpful features surrounding it.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: Our main goal at the moment is continuing to build our customer base, showcasing the benefits that users receive from using Spincard, and attending events that create awareness. Sticking to our marketing strategy with goals and plans of action are critical for that. As a team, we want our users to understand that we really do care about helping them quickly connect to individuals who could potentially become great acquaintances, or just friends. Everyone, on some level or another, could benefit from some help, a nice connection, or relationship that may assist them in what they are trying to accomplish. Allow Spincard to be that platform for helping you achieve that.

Q: What are your plans?

A: We have very specific plans that will help us achieve our goals. February 18-20, the Spincard team will be in Ann Arbor, MI at an A2NewTech Pitch, and Detroit, MI on the 19th for the Google Demo Day. We’ll also be in Detroit on the 20th for a Fifty Founders pitch. We have materials that will help promote our Brand and assist in spreading the word about Spincard while we attend these networking events. There has been discussion for the Spincard team to travel to Texas in March for the SXSW 2014 conference to gain more exposure.

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