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Spincard Team Looking Forward To New Victories

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Since last interview with Nick Frostick from Spincard team, great things happen at NetworkU.
Earlier this week I caught up with Nick to discuss their progress and plans for the future; I asked him what is new about Spincard:

“So many exciting things! Spincard showcased at the Google Demo Day in Detroit on February 19th and tied for 4th out of 18 startups. It was a great experience to be apart of.”

“NetworkU released version 1.2 of Spincard with a new design and a better user experience.”


“The left drawer was eliminated and the controls are located near the bottom of the screen for adding someone, the added me tab, and the Home tab. We have created more awareness with some interaction within the app for users. A user has three options after clicking their Spincard icon, they can View Card, Share Card, or Edit Card. Anthony Montalbano, the lead designer for Spincard, was invited to attend TC Week in Vegas from April 9th-16th so that will be great exposure for Spincard too. NetworkU is presenting in the MWest Student Challenge on April 4th for a chance to win a maximum of $15,000. With that cash, Spincard can become members of some organizations and get more involved with what we want to accomplish. Spincard will also use some of that money to fund our trip to SXSW V2V from July 13th to July 16th.”

Spincard Pitch – DNewTech, March 2014;

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