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SQL Sentry helps companies improve the performance of MS SQL Server environments

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SQL Sentry develops software products for managing and monitoring Microsoft SQL Server environments around the globe. The company raised a total of $25 Million from investors to date. Below is our interview with Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO of SQL Sentry:

Greg-GonzalezQ: SQL Sentry is developing software products that optimize the performance of Microsoft SQL Server environments. Tell us something more about the company and your history?

A: SQL Sentry’s heritage came from solving difficult real-world and complex problems in our previous hosting business. Faced with the challenge of managing SQL Server jobs across many mission-critical systems and no good tools in the market, we decided to use one of our internal developers to create an application to solve this problem for us. After several months, we realized we could create a business around the application, which later became SQL Sentry Event Manager – a revolutionary tool for visualizing and managing SQL Server jobs.

The product line has grown from that humble beginning and initial product in 2004 by adding Performance Advisor, Fragmentation Manager, and Plan Explorer.Together, these tools make database administrators more effective in managing ever-expanding and increasingly complex environments by providing greater visibility into performance bottlenecks, and proprietary deep-dive capabilities for efficient resolution.


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Q: In 2015 you raised a $25 Million growth equity investment, what are your plans?

A: We’ve established a long-standing reputation for exceptionally advanced software that is primarily focused on Microsoft SQL Server database environments. This is a large market and it has been growing at double digit rates. We expect the trend will continue as the amount of data that business store doubles in the next two years alone. We’re fortunate to be in the right place at the right time with the right tools.

Mainsail Partners, a growth equity firm, recognized the market opportunity; the company we had built so far with our engineering-driven approach; and how they could help us accelerate our growth even further. We believe their expertise and history of helping organizations grow, will have a huge impact on our current and future customers. We’ll be able to market more effectively to those organizations who don’t know us. We’ll invest at even greater levels of research and development and continue to provide market-leading software for our customer base.

We’re especially excited about the new opportunities this creates for our employees. Currently, we have 50 employees in our North Carolina headquarters and across several remote offices in the US. We expect to more than triple over the next 3 to 4 years.


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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor?

A: SQL Sentry Performance Advisor delivers unmatched insight into system level resource usage along with poorly performing SQL, blocks, deadlocks, andI/O bottlenecks via our patented Disk Analysis system. Its ground-breaking features are designed with the singular goal of simplifying the process of performance tuning and optimization. It was also the first commercial software for monitoring and optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. And we’ve taken Windows Server performance monitoring to a new level by monitoring system resources down to the process level, and correlated with Windows events and tasks.

At the heart of the application is a dashboard that is focused on metrics that really make a difference in performance. Additional screens are available from there that enable SQL Server professionals to find and solve root-level issues. When accompanied with SQL Sentry Event Manager, where you can correlate performance metrics with time-based activities, the combination makes a very compelling offer for our customers.

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Q: Do you have any particular advice on business strategy and execution for future entrepreneurs?

A: Flexibility and calculated risk-taking has worked well for our organization over the years. As an entrepreneur, it is really hard to predict where the business will end up. The best that you can do is to have a well thought out plan, vet that plan with trusted advisors, but always keep your head up and eyes forward to adjust as needed. It is very hard to go at it alone. At the executive level my focus has been on technology and we’ve had the good fortune to have Ken Teeter, executive vice president, focused on the other areas of the business. But even beyond that, we have an exceptional long-term leadership team and very smart people in the organization dedicated to their craft. It doesn’t come by accident. How many organizations have an in-house pub, where people can unwind at the end of the day…and solve that next critical business problem over a beer? We’ve been able to nurture a performance-based culture with people that like to have fun.

Last Updated on January 22, 2016

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