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stable|kernel: Great Brands Deserve Great Mobile Software

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stable|kernel, an Atlanta mobile app development company, delivers end-to-end software development services across smartphones, tablets, desktops, wearables and the Internet of Things. The team consults, designs and develops across a product’s entire lifecycle including backend development, UX/UI design, project management, web front-end and native front-end development services. We interviewed Jason Russell, stable|kernel’s managing partner, who shared his thoughts about the mobile software industry:

Jason Russell, stablekernel_opt

Q: Jason, tell us something more about stable|kernel and your services?

A: Joe Conway founded stable|kernel knowing that many companies struggle with developing industry-leading mobile products in-house. Even industry leaders couldn’t attract enough talented developers to pull off large product releases, but Joe could, partly due to his reputation as an Amazon best-selling author. s|k has become the expert product team for many leading companies.

Over the last three years, we have grown to 17 exceptionally talented team members. We’ve set the bar very high, adding only people who are passionate about building exceptionally-crafted software and hungry to build our company together. We’ve added wonderful clients to our family and are so excited about all of the possibilities there are.


Q: What advantage does stable|kernel have over its competitors?

A: Being an end-to-end mobile app development consultancy allows us to offer everything in-house. While most companies offer only a few services, we have a distinct advantage over our competitors because we can manage an entire product’s life cycle. Our clients don’t have to work with multiple teams which creates efficiency and mitigates a lot of risk.

Another advantage in working with us is that our developers are ostensibly agnostic. What that means is that they aren’t pigeonholed into one platform or technology. This is beneficial to our clients because our developers have a deeper understanding of all aspects of a project’s technology stack. It allows us to build better, more efficient and elegant software.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: stable|kernel’s ideal customer is anyone who wants our team to be their partner, a true product team. Our clients rely on us for expertise and our ability to make things work well. As we learn more about our clients and their industries, our relationship strengthens and trust develops. We are able to help them think about new ways of doing things to make their products better and solve more problems. Our value is that we can easily be that product team for our clients.

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Q: What are your plans for next three months?

A: We are onboarding a couple of exciting new client projects right now and continuing to grow our developer, design and marketing teams. We hope to add 3-4 more experienced developers during this period. We will kick off our second project with FoodFinder, a non-profit started by a Gwinnett County Georgia high school student who wanted to help food-insecure families find resources based on their location. Also, we are working to take on another Fortune 500 company as a client in the near future.

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Q: How do you see mobile software industry developing in the next 2 years?

A: It really is an interesting time in our industry. So many things are changing — and so fast. I do think wearables will continue to have a huge effect on the industry and how apps are designed, developed and implemented. While IoT is an overused term, we will see the smart connected devices’ market increase substantially in the next two years. The enterprise app market will continue to explode. I personally think it’s on a very different, more meteoric trajectory than the consumer app market. Many companies still don’t have a suite of enterprise apps to help accomplish business needs and, in some senses, we have only scratched the surface of this massive market.

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