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Startup Brain-Slam – Blast Your Social IQ

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Written by: Kyle Taggart, V.P. of Tag Team Design


Social IQ can be explained in a number of ways. Startup Brain-Slam has taken a new approach. Brain-Slam gives control of social media intelligence to the user. With interactive filtering and search features, you can eliminate all of the time-wasting clutter. From a mind-blowing genius video, to a mind-numbing fail, you get to decide what you want to see.

Tired of looking through endless hours of video on You-Tube, founders Shay Edmonds and Tara Cox created Brain-Slam to highlight the best of the footage. Each video packs a punch. With 30-second video clips or 10 photo streams, your time is spent only on what matters to you. On top of the short clips, the Brain-Slam IQ system allows you to narrow down videos by using the rating system that shows you the stuff your crew has rated as a Brain-Slam or Disturbed. Brain-Slam is equivalent to a genius video. Disturbed is “Jackass” or “Tosh.O” type material. Thus, leaving the middle of the IQ system as clips that are a waste of time, a Clunker. The IQ system is fluid as you and your friends all get to rate the video or photos on the Brain-Slam IQ rating scale. Don’t let your crew rate you a Clunker!

Startup Brain-Slam – Blast Your Social IQ

Build your own Brain-Slam home-stream the way you want it. Choose the categories you want – no silly pet videos if they’re not your thing. You can pick Adrenaline, This Amazing Life, and Sports. Or – if you love pet videos – you can re-order your list so it’s at the top! Don’t want to see Aunt Sally’s videos? Put her at the bottom! Or not at all! You can edit your home-stream until you get it exactly the way you want it.

Messaging? Brain-Slam’s got that covered, too. You can leave a public comment on a post, send a note to your best friend, or a crew designed by you. Crews can be built to include as many or as few friends as you want – your college buddies, your teammates, your family, the options are endless. You can share that crazy video with only the people you want to see it. Or you can send that personal message to the one you love.

The creators of Brain-Slam weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, but only to make the wheel spin faster. “Let’s take what’s been working – and make it better!”

Now, start Brain-Slamming! Show the world your Social IQ!

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