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Startup InvoiceOcean – The Easiest Way To Online Invoicing

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It doesn’t happen every day, to see a team behind a company so dedicated to their craft as much as the guys from InvoiceOcean are. Startup InvoiceOcean is a SaaS product for generating and organizing online invoices. With their ever growing customer base, it is quickly becoming the product to look out for.

InvoiceOcean have taken it a step further, and the product they’ve built for generating quick, reliable and easy invoices has proven to be outstanding in practice. You’re given every possible choice a business would need when it comes to generating validated invoices. Discounts, custom tax rates, international currencies and support of ten languages makes InvoiceOcean so appealing to its 60,000 customers.

The simplicity of this product lies in the SaaS environment, and the ability to have all of your invoicing data stored in a secure cloud environment. The data is protected by a layer of SSL security; and because it is stored in the cloud, it becomes accessible from any device than can render a mobile page. Smartphones, tablets, personal computers and laptops all work perfectly fine.

You’ll be happy to learn that InvoiceOcean product enables you to customize your invoices to your own liking, without any additional costs. Yes, custom logos are enabled and it’s so easy to get it up and running. The real icing on the cake for this particular piece of software is the ability to generate in-depth financial reports based the data of your invoices, and have it returned to you in form of visual graphs and charts. Great for end of the fiscal quarter meetings!


What I really enjoyed learning about this company was that they’re real troopers, and take user feedback very seriously. In fact, a lot of the features you currently can enjoy with InvoicOcean, have in some ways been influenced by its own community. It’s refreshing to see a company like InvoiceOcean take the initiative in such a tough market.

For larger companies, their crown jewels are the warehouse management system; which enables you to manage multiple warehouses and allocate different prices for them, as well as enabling you to keep track of the amount of stock you’ve got. You can easily join together several departments that are tied to your company, and switch between these accounts from within a single dashboard. You can add accountants, users and administrators to these individual departments.

They provide a free API to integrate with your own custom applications and needs, and the pricing for the product itself is much better than you’d expect. The free plan will enable you to create up-to 3 custom invoices, while the plans starting at $9/month will give you unlimited access for many parts of the product. Great startup, with great minds behind it.

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