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Startup JumpQ – Revolutionizing Retail Industry

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JumpQ is a new app that completely changes the traditional shopping experience. Retail stores can get comprehensive customer analytics and increase sales, while customers can save time and money in the shopping process. Here is our recent interview with Jason Musyj, Founder of JumpQ:

Jason-MusyjQ: JumpQ is focused on revolutionizing the retail industry, tell us your story and something more about it?

A: Our aim is to allow customers to spend less time waiting in lines and let them get back to the things they’d rather be doing. The level of convenience that users have grown accustomed to from their ecommerce experiences has not translated over into offline shopping, and our goal is to completely redefine the traditional shopping experience.

Q: Jason tell us something more about technology behind JumpQ?

A: JumpQ is a cross-platform mobile app built on PhoneGap which utilizes cloud-based APIs. Open source and cloud technologies are leveraged whenever possible and speed and security have been architected for from the beginning. The platform is capable of scaling by millions of items at a time without performance degradation. Barcode scanning is built into the mobile app and allows for instant item identification through mobile cameras. Proprietary ETL software has been developed to allow for large datasets of inventory to be imported to the platform. Square APIs are accessed to allow automatic synchronization with merchants’ Square accounts.

Q: What are main benefits for retail stores?

  • Increased Sales
    By offering a more convenient and faster way for your customers to shop, they will want to come back more often. This will lead to higher customer retention rates and increased same store sales.
  • Decreased Customer Wait Times
    With JumpQ, customers can scan items with their phone as they shop. When they are finished shopping they can simply walk out of the store, skipping the checkout lines altogether. JumpQ also has built in order-ahead capabilities which allow customers to order through their phone then get notified when their order is ready – again completely skipping the lines for both ordering and paying. All the time consumers are normally spending in lines while shopping is returned to them, allowing shopping to be more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Gain Valuable Customer Analytics
    As customers use JumpQ, merchants will have the ability to see what items are being bought, when they are being bought, and how often they are being bought – all the way down to the individual customer level. This allows merchants to get insight into consumer behavior and to tailor sales and coupon offerings based on the way their customers actually shop.


Q: What are biggest benefits for customers?

  • Save Time
    Customers can use JumpQ to self-scan items and skip the checkout line, drastically reducing their total time spent shopping. They can also utilize order-ahead capabilities and simply pick up their order when it is ready – again, skipping the lines at the store.
  • Effortless Payments
    JumpQ uses a secure cloud-based payment platform to automatically process payments as your customers walk out of the store and ensure they never have to reach for their wallet while using the app.
  • Self Scan, Spend Less
    Customers using JumpQ scan items as they shop enabling them to see exactly how much they are spending on each item and overall. This makes it easy to shop on a budget and eliminates any surprises with pricing or totals at the checkout.
  • Customized Rewards
    Customers will receive coupons from merchants based on their shopping habits. Coupons will be for things they actually buy, making it easier for customers to save money on things they actually need.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re currently in a Beta testing phase with some merchants and a consumer testers. Once we finish testing the platform and the app we will launch to a wider audience through the app stores (Google and Apple), and aggressively look to get more merchants signed up. Beyond that we’re looking at increasing the capabilities of our anti-theft software, adding new integrations with popular POS systems, creating smart-cart prototypes for use in stores, and building out a targeted marketing product for retailers using BLE beacons. We will also be looking to raise funds at some point in the future to help accelerate our growth plan.

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