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Startup Kricket – The Solution For Noisy Neighbors

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Kricket is a service that allows residents of a university or apartment complex to send an anonymous text message to their neighbors that says “Please quiet down” and “Thank you”. Below is our recent interview with Connor Croteau, Co-Founder of Kricket:

startup-kricket-logoQ: Kricket is a fast-growing student created startup, tell us please your story and something more about Kricket?

A: Having noisy neighbors is a huge problem on college campuses, and at apartment complexes. Whether someone is playing a guitar in the middle of the day, or someone seems to be confusing themselves as an elephant, noise is created and is disruptive to everyone forced to listen. One aspect of this problem is that the noise is unintentional, thus making a call to the police a tremendous waste of tax dollars and, usually, an overreaction. We started Kricket to alleviate this issue by making it possible to simply send a quick message saying “Please quiet down” anonymously. We started Kricket on February 1st of this year and an on March 1st we launched the first beta off campus at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. We had over 200 sign-ups the first week in the town. From there, students on-campus were trying to sign-up for Kricket. We developed on campus Kricket soon to launch at Quinnipiac University and a few other schools and apartments on the east coast.

We integrate directly with universities and apartment complexes. This consists of creating a custom floor plan for each building that tenants/students live in. Then, once the tenant/student logs in, they can select a neighboring room from the floor plan, select a standardized message (“Please Quiet Down” or “Thank You”), and all members of the neighboring room are notified with a text from Kricket.


Q: What is Noise-alytics? 

A: We also give managers/administrators access to Noise-alytics, a heat map for noise. Noise-alytics gives managers/administrators the power of real time tenant/student generated data, paired with statistical analysis to help identify noisy rooms and staff smarter in the process.

Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities or VC funding?

A: Right now we are self funded, but are in the process of starting to accept VC funding.

Q: What is your monetization plan?

A: Currently Kricket is working with several universities and apartment complexes by charging a standard integration fee and offering a free subscription for a certain time period. After the period, customers will pay $10 per resident per semester.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We plan on continuing to bring Kricket across the country and make it a staple at every college campus. Our overall plan for Kricket is to explore different avenues of application and see how we can help keep the peace in other scenarios!

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