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Startup MorphMail – Best Of Email, SMS and Social Media In One Platform

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MorphMail is a new communication platform that combines best features of email, SMS and social media into one service. Below is our recent interview with Bryan Young, Founder of MorphMail:

Brian Young from MorphMailQ: What is MorphMail? 

A: We originally set out to build a better email client but after doing some research we found that people were using a combination of SMS, chat, social networking, picture sharing, and file sharing to address limitations with using email alone. We dug deeper and found that the type of message determined the medium people used. For example, sharing pictures, articles, and videos happens on social media,  status updates happen over chat, lunch invitations happen over SMS. We soon realized that each communications medium has a unique approach to sending messages that makes it suitable for a specific type of message. The question was then could we combine these into a single communications platform.

With MorphMail, when you send someone an article, picture, or video, the experience is much as you would expect on Facebook, you just paste a link and we grab the title, summary, and image (and much more, actually). When you want to have a group discussion about a message, instead of a long back and forth email thread with nested reply text, you get an elegant chat stream with all message recipients included. When you want to send a quick lunch invite, instead of sending an SMS, you can just send a MorphMail message with an expiration time/date so it disappears from everyone’s feed. Like the name implies, MorphMail changes the experience for each type of message you send, from tasks, to invites, to pictures, to shipment notifications. This way you can use one technology instead of jumping around from app to app.

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Q: What are the main benefits of using it?

A: MorphMail saves you time by doing a lot of the work for you.  Have you ever shared an online article with someone by copying the link, the title, and a short quote? With MorphMail, just paste the link, and we’ll grab everything else. We do the same for images, by grabbing dimensions, exif data, and more. For package tracking numbers, we keep getting the latest status until delivery so you don’t have to keep checking. MorphMail is built on an API, so developers will be able to build MorphMail functionality into their apps to send/receive messages. Power users can also use our triggers feature so that they can automate actions based on attributes of messages as they come in or change in our system. For example, MorphMail can call an external service when a package status changes to “delivered” or a message with an article mentioning “SuperbCrew” is received.

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Q: Tell us something about advanced searching?

A: We index absolutely everything about every message and embedded media, down to the smallest detail, and we let you search on it. For example, when you send an article, we grab it and calculate letter/word/sentence/paragraph count, site name, publish date, author, and countless other details, all of which are searchable. You could find all articles between 500 and 900 words, written by Alexia Tsotsis on Techcrunch Want to find all images larger than 600×480? Tasks that are marked 75% complete? Packages that have not been delivered yet? All of these searches are dead simple with MorphMail. We also calculate the sentiment of every message sent or received so it is possible to search for negative, positive, or neutral, or even by percent (e.g. 60% positive). Imagine being able to find every angry email from a customer instantly. We also support hashtags, keywords, and categories for more hands-on categorization of messages without the restrictions of using folders.

Q: When do you plan to launch it?

A: We are doing testing on a prototype of the app, and we are looking to start our beta sometime in October.

Q: What can we expect from your team in the future?

A: We are planning to apply to a few startup accelerators, so hopefully you will see us there!

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