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Movidiam Helps Brands And Filmmakers To Connect And Create Incredible Films

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Movidiam is a professional creative network that allows brands, agencies and filmmakers across the globe to connect, collaborate and create incredible films. Over recent years the media industry has undergone a seismic shift, with the cost of equipment dramatically reducing and the quality of the image produced by a $2000 camera comparable to feature films, the focus has now firmly shifted towards the creative talent. On the flipside brands are looking for new ways to engage their customers across multiple channels and the demand for quality content has vastly increased. With agency budgets now being spread across multiple channels and a requirement for ‘always on’ media the traditional agency models are being challenged. Movidiam offers brands, agencies and filmmakers a more effective and streamlined way of managing and producing content.

How does it work? Think of Movidiam as your very own virtual global production agency with access to the very best talent and the project management tools to deliver your project from concept to completion.

Filmmakers can create profiles for free and instantly becomes visible to production companies and agencies searching for their expertise. If you’re looking for a self shooting director in Hong Kong or a animation house in Buenos Aires… click search and Movidiam’s will return the most relevant options. User verifications and our secure payment system builds trust between the two parties and the project management features, specifically for production ($25 per month) allow collaboration and instant feedback throughout the entire process without any of the overheads of the typical agency.

With 10’s of thousands of users already pre-registered Movidiam is fast becoming the world’s largest production agency and with the ability to invite users to both the site and projects the network effect has exponential potential for growth.

Movidiam Reimagining the way films are created

How do you build a multilayered marketplace? The key difference between Movidiam and other ‘matching’ sites that fall foul of the double sided marketplace towers is the appeal of the project management features, networks that already exist amongst our uses and the flexibility to jump in at any stage of the process. Brand, agency or filmmaker can essentially be the client.

Although our initial target has been filmmakers, agencies and brands we’ve had interest from TV Broadcasters, News desks, theatre companies and Hollywood producers. Movidiam’s scalable modular project management system and uses the latest web technologies. It has been created for all types of film productions in mind, from the most simple single shooter event film to more complex features films.

George Olver
Written by: George Olver, Co-Founder of Movidiam;



Last Updated on April 19, 2020

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